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A Note Regarding The Future of The Illegal Curve Hockey Show

Reaction to today’s news in the Winnipeg radio landscape.

Today’s news comes as a shock. Our hearts go out to our friends and colleagues who are impacted in a far greater manner than we are by today’s decision. The cast of characters, both on air and behind the scenes, are talented, impressive, and dedicated individuals who should be thought of in the highest of regards.

What next for The Illegal Curve Hockey Show?

Dave Ez and Drew rom side

Good question, but you won’t be able to avoid hearing from us that easily. A podcast, YouTube, other radio and/or streaming platforms are all legitimate options that we are considering. Persevering in the face of hardship is a strong suit of ours—how else to explain our commitment and drive to finish an IC Sandwich, when we have already consumed our daily caloric intake in one sitting?

In the meantime, the Illegal Curve website and social media will continue unabated—join us at 9:00pm CT tonight for live coverage of the Jets @ Flames game. Pour a beverage or two and we can turn it into a Friar’s Club Roast instead of a vigil.

We thank everyone for the heartwarming response and affection that we have received throughout the day.

Our DMs are open and you can reach us on twitter (links below). Don’t be a stranger; we still plan to be a fixture in the Winnipeg sports scene for the foreseeable future.

Much Love,

Drew Mindell | Ezra Ginsburg | Dave Minuk