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My View on the Blog:

In accepting the invitation to post on this blog, another contributor and I discussed our distaste with the stats heavy, Bill James-esque analysis that is becoming prevalent on the blogosphere. We feel that in evaluating NHL talent, one can’t rely simply on the numbers. The intangibles are, perhaps more than in any other sport, too important to ignore. With this in mind, I will strive to keep these intangibles front and centre when filing reports and when discussing prospects currently playing at the junior level.

A story out of Edmonton illustrates my point. Matt Greene , an otherwise unspectacular Oiler defenseman fought prospect Geoff Paukovich in retribution for a 2005 incident between the UND Fighting Sioux and the University of Denver Pioneers. Observers noted that Greene (who was playing on Paukovich’s team in the scrimmage), skated up to Paukovich, exchanged words and promptly pummeled the rookie for 15 to 20 seconds. Afterwards, the two players shook hands.

A more detailed story can be found here.

Tell me one stats heavy website that can pass this information on to a hockey fan, or to a GM.