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4/8 NHL Mid-Week with Illegal Curve

NHL Mid-Week with Illegal Curve – April 8, 2015. Topics: Jets defeat St Louis, defeat Minnesota, Western Conference Playoff Update, Jets/Avalanche preview, Pittsburgh Penguins. Guest: Drew Spevak, Mike Colligan.

NHL Mid-Week with Illegal Curve – April 8, 2015

IC Midweek

0:00 – Jets defeat St. Louis 1-0, defeat Minnesota 2-0

13:10 – Western Conference Playoff Update

25:50 – Interview with Drew Spevak, ESPN Denver

39:32 – Jets/Avalanche Preview

51:06 – Interview with Mike Colligan, The Hockey Writers

1:03:35 – What’s wrong with the Pittsburgh Penguins?

1:16:59 – Eastern Conference Playoff Update

1:29:27 – NHL News & Notes

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