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3/5 Illegal Curve Hockey Show Part 2

The Illegal Curve Hockey Show – March 5, 2011 – Part 2

0:00 – The Coyotes Ownership Saga and more on the possible return of the NHL to Winnipeg with Gary Lawless

20:37 – Richard’s mom calls in to express her disappointment with her son regarding comments that he made about the Winnipeg High School Hockey controversy

23:53 – Interview with Illegal Curve Resident Gambling Expert Ari Baum-Cohen about NHL futures odds and betting

36:23 – NHL News & Notes

47:50 – Six Things We Learned This Week

58:04 – Rapid Fire

For all of the links and videos mentioned on the show, check out our weekly feature “Show Links” available on Or read the replay of the Cover it Live chat session.

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