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32 Thoughts Podcast: Talks Pierre-Luc Dubois and the Winnipeg Jets

Latest from the hockey insider on Dubois.

Friedman and Marek dropped a surprise 32 Thoughts Podcast today and the subject of Pierre-Luc Dubois and the Winnipeg Jets came up after the RFA accepted his qualifying offer. Marek asked Friedman about it and the comments by his agent Pat Brisson. Friedman offered up these thoughts:

“I don’t see it playing out any other way than I previously said. When Pierre-Luc Dubois says he did not ask for a trade from Winnipeg, I believe that to be true. Like we talked about earlier I just think he told them two years and then I’m going to test the market. And I’m with a lot of other people who said Montreal, I think that’s the most likely destination, although like I told a lot of people a lot of can happen in two years but we have to get from here to there. I definitely believe there were trade talks. You know the one thing about Kevin Cheveldayoff is, is he is extraordinarily patient. He is very, very patient. He was very patient with Jacob Trouba, he’s been very patient in some other situations and I just think that’s the way he’s going to play this out. I think it’s possible that the Jets had some stuff going on. I think they were talking about a few different scenarios. Obviously nothing big came to fruition. I think once Dubois took his qualifying offer, I think at the time they just said ‘OK we’re good with that and we’ll go from there’. But I just think that the Jets have made it very, to me what they’re saying is look we understand how Dubois feels but we have to handle it the best way for the Winnipeg Jets. Like they’re not just going to trade him somewhere because he wants to go. They’re going to do what’s best for their team. I think they were some other teams that kicked tires on Dubois too. That looked at it and said I think there was at least one team that said look, our window to win is in the next couple of years can we work something out that it where he comes here for the next couple of years, then he can go wherever he wants to go but I guess he just they just didn’t find a deal to their liking.”.

Not a big surprise.

Listen (starts at 42:30):