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32 Thoughts Podcast: Marek and Friedman discuss Winnipeg Jets and Pierre-Luc Dubois

Friedman and Marek discuss the latest with Pierre-Luc Dubois.

At the 31:42 mark of the 32 Thoughts Podcast (31:11 on Spotify) which was released today Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek discuss the situation with Pierre-Luc Dubois and the Winnipeg Jets.

Really the only thing that’s notable was them agreeing that Montreal is number 1 by a lot. As Marek put it “Montreal is number one. So much number one that I’m even shy of saying there’s a number two. There’s Montreal and then there’s a third, fourth, fifth and sixth team that he’s interested in. There’s not even a number two.”.

They speculate as to whether the Hurricanes would consider Dubois on a one-year deal but not as a long term contract.

Friedman also mentioned the Kings as someone said to him they wonder how much longer Anze Kopitar, who is entering his 18th season in the NHL, might play which would mean they’d need a centre.

Friedman added “Again Jeff you have to convince me that there is someone really other than Montreal cause it goes against everything we’ve heard for a long time.”