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Winnipeg Jets

32 Thoughts Podcast: Friedman on the Winnipeg Jets “I thought they had a really good week”

Friedman chats about the Jets on the podcast.

The Draft ended in Nashville and before Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman did one more 32 Thoughts Podcast which invariably touched on the local NHL club. Note that this was recorded BEFORE the Jets put Blake Wheeler on unconditional waivers for purpose of contract buyout.

It began with Friedman saying “this was a big week for the Jets.” Marek then interjected by glowing over the Jets selection of Colby Barlow in the first round to which Friedman added “A lot of people really seem to like that kid.”.

He then spoke about the promo video that the Jets put out before the playoffs which received a lot of backlash from fans. Friedman said “It wasn’t very subtle. It tried to be subtle but it had a bit of a sledgehammer feel to it. Like we’ve lost the team once if you don’t sell tickets who knows what can happen?”.

He went on “So I think the franchise is in a bit of a nervous place.” but quickly he added “I thought they had a really good week. The Barlow pick and they made a really good trade for Dubois.”

He continued “I think there were a lot of people out there who were kinda saying ‘You know what, we couldn’t have made as good a deal in that situation’. They were smart. They took advantage of the Kings own cap situation and they got good players.”

He went on to say the team will have to pay Gabe Vilardi. He also mentioned (not for the first time I’ve heard this since trade) that there will be “A bit of work over there with Iafallo who was very happy in Los Angeles”.

He asked folks in Winnipeg what the mood is like “Surprisingly good. They thought they were going to get their clock, I’m not talking about the Jets I’m talking about the fans, I think the fans thought they were going to get their clocks cleaned in that deal. And they didn’t. They made a good deal and the Barlow pick was really popular. I think this has been a really tough stretch for the Jets and their organization and I don’t know how they feel but the people I was talking to there, I was asking them how the city feel, and they said ‘not bad’. So it’s a good week for them.”

He then went on to talk about Hellebuyck and Scheifele.

“I think the other thing to here Jeff is, the Hellebuyck thing there’s a lot of goalie movement that’s going to happen here. A lot. So the Hellebuyck thing, I think that’s kinda on the backburner right now.”

He then moved on to Scheifele talk.

“The Scheifele thing. I have to say this I got a lot of mixed responses this week. I got some ‘they’re going to trade him’, I got some ‘there’s nothing going on’, I got some ‘they’re going to try to convince him to stay’.”

Friedman wonders if the Jets will approach Hellebuyck now. “Hellebuyck says he wants to win. I wonder if they go back to him now and say ‘Connor look we made this trade. It doesn’t make us worse. We think this is a good trade for us. How do you feel.’ Does it make Hellebuyck change his mind at all?”.

Friedman went on to say he can’t see Winnipeg wanting to replace two top centres. “After making a good trade (Dubois) do you go to Scheifele and say ‘Hey if we make you the captain do you feel better about this? Can we get the full buy in from you?’ And they’ll have to sign him.”

He ends by saying he is curious to see if the Jets will approach Connor Hellebuyck and Mark Scheifele to see if the Dubois trade changes their feeling or has everyone already made their decisions.

Jets talk starts at 33:27 and runs to about the 39 minute mark.