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32 Thoughts Podcast: Discuss the Habs signing Monahan and impact on Winnipeg Jets and Pierre-Luc Dubois

Marek and Friedman talk about all things NHL including the Jets.

Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman were discussing the signing of Sean Monahan by the Montreal Canadiens and seeing it through a Winnipeg Jets/Pierre-Luc Dubois lens.

Friedman said the biggest question for him is “Does Montreal think this makes sense for them right now?” He went on to say that “Even if you think Dubois is the answer in two years then you do it now.”

He said Montreal has to decide if: “Do they want this player? Do they want this player salary wise that is going to cost them?”

Added that since Winnipeg doesn’t want a rebuild, that whichever players they deal, they want to stay in the race. “It easier for L.A. to do that than it is for Montreal to do that. Montreal has a lot of good pieces but they are younger…these are going to be good players but they’re not going to be good/impact players yet.”

Said if Montreal wanted to trade Kirby Dach for Dubois, in his opinion that could have already happened.

His last thought regarding Montreal was that they are still trying to decide if a Dubois acquisition would be the right move for them.

Marek asked if the deal needs to get done by the Draft (June 28th).

Friedman responded with a question “Does Winnipeg really want this to drag?” Felt that by not taking Dubois to arbitration they are looking to “sort this out” and also said “And if you’re L.A. and you’re trying to win the Pacific Division in a really tough division don’t you want to know?”

Starts at 18:47 and runs to 23:12.