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32 Thoughts: Elliotte Friedman with latest news on Barry Trotz and a Scott Arniel Winnipeg Jets comment

Latest news on the sought after head coach.

On today’s 32 Thoughts Jeff Marek asked Elliotte Friedman for the latest update on the coaching market this summer and who Barry Trotz was talking to.  Here is what Friedman had to say

“Guys tell me that it’s quiet until kinda Trotz makes his call here”

Marek interjected asking if Trotz is controlling the coaching market. Friedman continued:

“I don’t know if I would say controlling the coaches market. I did get a call on Sunday from someone who said to me there are some teams that may not want to wait that long. I don’t know what the timeline is here. I think Trotz has said exactly what I kinda said there. That he’s not rushing to make a decision. Like if he decides, for example, if somebody does something this week that makes him say yes, this is the best for me and my family then let’s go that could happen but nobody’s necessarily expecting that to happen. I asked someone who I think would have a good idea how long is this going to take and they said they are not really comfortable with that yet because they’re not sure that everybody who would want to be a part of this has weighed in. We are still waiting for clarity in Florida right?….”.

Friedman shift to talk about Seattle and what is happening in that market before he returned to Trotz specifically.

“The thing about Trotz is we mentioned all of the teams we think that are involved. Winnipeg, Philadelphia, Vegas, Detroit and Dallas. Someone said to me that some of these meetings have been full on conversations and some of them, at least one and I am not 100% sure which one it was, I think it’s possible Vegas but I don’t know, was a phone call or zoom call or whatever so there could still be more to it. I do think Winnipeg is very serious but I don’t think they’re the only ones. It’s just difficult to get a handle on the timeline and I wouldn’t want to say Jeff that he controls the market but I do want to say that I think there are some teams who are prepared to wait to get a better handle on what he’s thinking.”

He then went on to add this about Winnipeg and Scott Arniel:

“The only other thing I wanted to mention about Winnipeg is there seems to be some talk that Scott Arniel, who was in Washington the last few years, could end up with the Jets in some role on the bench even if he’s not the head coach. So that’s something to watch out for too to see if that comes to fruition.”

So #TrotzWatch sounds like it will continue for awhile and sounds like the former Jets 1.0 player and Moose assistant and head coach could be back in Winnipeg potentially in some capacity.