Round 2 by the Numbers

EASTERN     G/G GA/G 5-5 F/A PP% PK% S/G SA/G vs. 1 ) Boston 4.25 1.50 1.83 25.00 100.00 32.50 27.80 6 ) Carolina 2.43 2.14 1.25 6.90 88.90 34.10 34.60   Edge: Bos Bos Bos Bos Bos Car Bos                       G/G GA/G 5-5 […]

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Analyzing the Value of First Round Draft Picks

I recently wrote my second article over at Puck Prospectus.  In this week’s piece, I analyzed the value of first round draft picks; more specifically, the value of selecting in the middle third of the first round of the NHL Entry Draft, as compared to the latter third of the first round. Is the 21st selection that much […]

Posted by Richard Pollock in Columns,Numbers Game on April 28, 2009

NHL Draft Lottery – The Magic #

As the NHL season comes to an end, fans of the teams at the bottom of the league have given up on their playoff hopes and have instead begun checking the standings on a daily basis to find out if their team has a chance to finish in the bottom 5. Of course, only teams […]

Posted by Adam in Numbers Game on March 31, 2009

Numbers Game: Projected Final Standings

As we enter the final stretch of the NHL season, the playoff picture still remains very unclear.  In the East, all of the seeds are up for grabs and with the Habs continuing to fall in the standings, the Panthers, Sabres and even the surging Sens, have a very realistic shot at the final playoff […]

Posted by Adam in Numbers Game on March 24, 2009

Numbers Game: The Brodeur Milestone

In anticipation of Brodeur becoming the all-time leader in wins at the age of 36, in today’s Numbers Game, I look at the stats that some of the current NHL goalies would have to achieve in order to reach 551 wins and 100 shutouts by the time they turn 36.       Career Statistics […]

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Numbers Game: The Old Points System

In Tuesday’s Numbers Game, we looked at how the standings would look if the proposed 3 point regulation win is implemented.  Today, we see what the standings would look like if the NHL reverted back to the old points system: 2 points for a regulation or overtime win, 1 point for a tie, no points […]

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Numbers Game: The 3 Point Win

The NHL GMs are currently in Naples, Florida for the annual GM Meetings.  Besides playing a few rounds of golf, there are a number of issues being debated, including, fighting, headshots and moving to a 3-point point system. The proposed 3 point system, which has talked about around the hockey world,  would see 3 points distibuted […]

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