Economics of college hockey and banking on rivalries.

College hockey is built on tradition and driven by storied rivalries; these are the game(s) that college hockey fans mark on their calendar and look forward to. These games are also the ones that college hockey programs count on to make their most money.  These rival games are also the ones that college hockey programs […]

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Analyzing the Dany Heatley Deal

Now that Dany Heatley has finally been traded to San Jose, let’s take a second to analyze a trade that seemingly took all summer to complete. First off, it was clear last week and is now that the Sharks’ trade of Christian Ehrhoff was made to create cap space for a future deal.  Rumor had […]

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Patrick Kane’s reputation forever tarnished?

Before I give you my opinion on the ridiculous story that is Patrick Kane and his cousin beating up an older cabdriver, I feel like I should include these comments from James Mirtle regarding this situation: If all of this is true, Kane has embarassed himself, and frankly, he’s embarassed me as someone who follows […]

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Where could Nikolai Zherdev end up?

While the possibility exists that Nikolai Zherdev could follow fellow NHLers Alexander Radulov and Jiri Hudler to the KHL, let’s examine the possibility of the 24-year old sniper staying in the NHL and which place he has the best chance of ending up. Teams That Will Not Touch Zherdev New York Rangers:  For obvious reasons. […]

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NHL Awards: History of the NHL Trophies

As I wrote the morning papers this week and I perused many articles talking about the various NHL trophies that were to be awarded tonight, and all the names associated with these trophies, I felt it was necessary to do a bit of research into the history of these names.  Who was Conn Smythe?  Can anyone […]

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NHL Referees: Can’t live with ’em, can definitely live without them

As we progress further into June there is one thing that has been consistent throughout these 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and that is how often people blame the referee’s for their team losing.  Unfortunately being a referee during May and June is a losing proposition as most fans will spend the entire game cursing your name […]

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Do you have what it takes to become an NHL Cheerleader?

One of the best innovations that Southern teams have brought to NHL hockey are cheerleaders in the stands during the games.  While this tradition was already prevalent in College hockey it is believed that the Carolina Hurricanes Storm Squad was the first of its kind in the NHL. Which brings us to last night’s game between the […]

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