The Radio Show is Tonight at 7pm Central time

We just wanted to remind everybody that tonight is the Radio Show from 7pm-9pm Central time.  Tonight’s guests are John Glennon of the Tennessean and Rutgers University Law Profesor Mark Edelman. Glennon will be on to discuss the Predators’ off-season, the chances of a number of Predators participating in the Olympics, and what to […]

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Afternoon Delight: Pocket-Off

H (Mike Hoeffel) and J (David Jarman) on INCH’s A-Z of college hockey. George James Malik, writing at the Snapshots blog, is a little upset with the treatment the Red Wings have received from THN. Like Malik notes, THN often does this to ruffle the feathers. Ask any Oiler fan… Small Thoughts at Large wonders […]

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Afternoon Delight: Cirque Du So-le-sh#$

An antitrust case currently before the US Supreme Court could have a huge impact on the NHL, as well as the other major sports. The outcome will indeed be interesting. Hopefully the court gets the “wise Latina woman” perspective on the issue. It looks like Harvard is very excited to be getting Louis Leblanc. Leblanc […]

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Relocation hearing moved up

From TSN: At a hearing Wednesday, judge Redfield Baum called the relocation issue “the 10,000-pound elephant in the room” and said it needed to be resolved quickly. He set a hearing for June 9 and promised a ruling shortly thereafter. All briefs and declarations must be submitted by June 5. The relocation hearing had been […]

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NHL Owners in Legal Trouble

Anaheim Ducks owner Henry Samueli had his plea bargain proposal rejected today, Reuters reports. SANTA ANA, California (Reuters) – A California judge on Monday rejected a proposed plea agreement sentence of probation and a fine for Broadcom Corp co-founder Henry Samueli as too lenient, and postponed the sentencing until later this month. Samueli, 53, pleaded […]

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