Dum duh DUM duh DUM

Alternatively titled: Illegal Curve’s First Look at the HNIC Theme Song Contest Earlier this summer, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (‘CBC’) announced that they would not be renewing their rights to theme song for the network’s Hockey Night in Canada (‘HNIC’) broadcasts. The announcement sent shockwaves throughout the hockey world, and was even the subject of […]

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Unbalancing Act

When the lockout ended, the NHL implemented a new schedule format. The unbalanced schedule saw teams face division opponents eight times during the season, while facing only ten non-conference opponents. This upset the teams/fans that did not benefit from hosting stars like Crosby and Ovechkin. Each year since, there has been growing support for changing […]

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The NHL Enquirer

As I look at the headlines on hockey news sites all over the internet a common theme keeps popping up. With the preseason about to begin, training camp battles heating up and while some UFA’s still remain unsigned, there is a great opportunity for some quality journalism. Alas, half of the headlines I see are […]

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