Battle of the Sexes: Visors

BATTLE OF THE SEXES VERSUS This week Rusty and Katrina talk visors. Should they be mandatory? Rusty– Equipment talk is still a somewhat popular topic in the NHL. People debate everything from composite sticks to the size of goalie equipment, but one discussion that seems to fizzle quickly is the visor debate. I am personally […]

Posted by rusty in Battle of the Sexes on October 19, 2009

Battles of the Sexes: The Phoenix Situation

BATTLE OF THE SEXES VS. Illegal Curve is very pleased to introduce and welcome Katrina from Psycho Lady Hockey as a new guest columnist. Every week, Katrina will lock horns with Rusty and discuss the pressing hockey issues of the day in our new Battle of the Sexes column. Enjoy! Rusty- Seeing as how IĀ get […]

Posted by rusty in Battle of the Sexes on September 27, 2009