Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

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Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun:  Winnipeg Jets chat with Ken Wiebe.  Ken takes any and all questions you might have about the team starting at 1 pm.

Team 1040 Radio:  Evander Kane with Paterson And Walters (audio).   Spoke about his off season so far, getting his training started on time, has he followed the moves made by the team, first camp under coach Maurice, are his comments because of his desire for the team to have success, does he like being in a hockey market, how much longer is he in BC before heading to Winnipeg?

Evander kane 3 wm

Hockey Hall of Fame:  Winnipeg Jets Day at the Hall.  The first 1000 fans in Toronto today will receive an Ondrej Pavelec jersey card.  As I don’t collect hockey cards I have no idea if these are usually valuable or not.

Illegal Curve:  “Rock the Wall” BBQHere is your chance to meet some local NHL players as well as some other well known Manitobans while supporting Cancer Care Manitoba.


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  1. masterjuddi says:

    Jets rant time…I’m sick of people ripping apart Chevy and the Jets. It seems as though people have forgotten that the reason the Jets returned is because another team (Atlanta) was ran so poorly that it needed to be moved. When I say “ran so poorly”, I mean the mismanaging of young talent (Bogo, Kane, Burmistrov-all coming up too early IMO, which forced the Jets management to break out the cash too early) and poor drafting (check out for proof).
    People talk about this 5 year plan, which simply doesn’t exist. Ask Gary Lawless and he’ll tell you that nobody in Jets management ever mentioned a 5 year plan. The plan for the Jets is to draft and develop, just like all 30 NHL teams. the problem with the jets is that they were left with very little quality draft picks to develop which is one reason the Thrashers no longer exist.
    I’m a season ticket holder and a patient individual. I see studs like Trouba and Scheifle and I get excited. I see prospects like Petan, Morrisey and Ehlers and I get excited. I have full confidence in Chevy and I can’t wait until we see more of his drafted players start making impacts

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