Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff conference call on Frolik signing

Posted by David Minuk in Winnipeg Jets on July 29, 2014 — No Comments

Cheveldayoff 2014

The Jets GM spoke to the media today on signing winger Michael Frolik to a one year contract today.

Cheveldayoff  – On signing a one year deal.

Cheveldayoff  – Concern with the risk of Frolik becoming a UFA at end of 2015 season?

Cheveldayoff  – If the five year deal was something both sides wanted to do what impeded getting it done?

Cheveldayoff  – Is this the foundation for further talks or does the slate get wiped clean?

Cheveldayoff  – Benefits to avoiding arbitration hearing?

Cheveldayoff  – What does Frolik bring to the team?

Kevin Cheveldayoff  – How close is he to where he expected to be at this point in the summer?

Kevin Cheveldayoff  – Draft and develop vs. UFA market and Winnipeg.

Cheveldayoff  – What didn’t the club do in terms of money/term for Frolik that would allow deal to get done?

Cheveldayoff  – What does he expect to change in next 6-12 months?

Cheveldayoff  – On the Jets being a team likely to spend to the cap?

Cheveldayoff  – On the use of analytics by the Jets?

Audio courtesy of TSN Radio 1290.