Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice post-game press conference

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Coach Maurice met with the media following the game against the Oilers.

Coach Maurice (January 18, 2014 post-game)

Photo Credit: Trevor Rinne

Coach MauriceAssessment of the game.  On his rookies.  Keeping his team’s focus.  Using Buff on the penalty kill.  Watching Buff’s minutes?  Talk about the refs.

Coach Quotes:

On Scheifele – “I liked the way Scheifele scored that goal.  I think he probably took two hits before he scored the goal”.

On Trouba – “I think with Jacob Trouba he is going to continually refine that game where you won’t see him jumping in every time, but he will jump in at the right times, kinda the Lidstrom factor.  Make 90% of your game a 10 foot pass and the last 10% is what will make you great”.

On the rookies maturity – “There’s not a kiddie section in our locker room and we feed them.  They are just one of the guys for me”.

  • vanderpuck

    good win for the jets. Like what Maurice is doing

  • agrothe

    Love the fact that h
    Maurice sees the rookies as just “one of the guys”. Treat them like men and they will produce like men.