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Jets news:

CBC:  Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts.  It is quite the Winnipeg Jets affair today as they get the preamble as well as the first five of his 30 Thoughts.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Playing for Maurice a learning experienceHe certainly engaged his players a lot on the bench.  Will be curious to see if he maintains this for the rest of the season.
Maurice talks to Bogosian

Winnipeg Free Press:  First, the good news… Paul Maurice loves a challengeWhich team did we see last night because that didn’t seem like the Winnipeg Jets we have watched all season longWhile the team showed some gumption last night,  can this be maintained?

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets notesSome players have had a lot of head coaches whereas others are getting their first experience with same.  Also in the article they mention the Jets announced a night to promote mental health awareness.

Winnipeg Sun:  Ladd provides coach Maurice with memento after win in Jets debutIt will go with his Hartford Whalers puck and should serve as a nice memory of his first game in Winnipeg.  Jets fans hope it is the first of many.
Maurice chats with Ladd and Little

Winnipeg Sun:  Maurice has open mind on Winnipeg Jets goaltendersHe just wants someone to step up and help this team.  Seemed to shed the concern about labels (i.e. #1 and backup) in favour of the novel concept of seeing someone step up to win games.

Winnipeg Sun:  Paul Maurice brings palpable intensity, confidence to JetsHe hit the ground running yesterday and both of these words aptly describe the feeling that many felt within the media press conference held at the MTS Centre.

TSN:  Jets up their game in Maurice’s debutFrom high atop the ice surface Dennis gives you his insight into last night’s contest.

CBC:  Jets fans have hope for new coach Paul MauriceFans were asked to react to the hiring at the MTS Centre last night and not surprisingly the responses were optimistic.

Illegal Curve:  Jets lift suspension of Ivan Telegin and assign him to KHL. Somewhat lost in all the insanity of yesterday was news that the Jets lifted the suspension of the Russian forward.  No reason was given and the Jets didn’t send out a release.

Hockey’s Future:  Deep defence at the heart of Jets professional system.  Breaking down the Jets prospects.

Jets 5 Coyotes 1:

Winnipeg Jets:  Andrew Ladd, Ondrej Pavelec, Zach Bogosian and Michael Frolik.

Phoenix Coyotes:  Coach Tippett, Shane Doan and David Moss.

Coach Maurice post-game. Coach Maurice met with the media following the game against Phoenix.

Postgame Podcast. Host Drew Mindell and analyst Richard Pollock break down the Jets play against the Coyotes this evening.

Jets on a Deadline.  Game recaps, post-game audio, video highlights and the 3 Stars of the night.

4 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. Grant Sharp says:

    what we witnessed last night was the unbrideled unfiltered “spirit of
    the city”. I have not seen the Jet’s play like that since the very 1st
    game at the MTS center when they beat Columbus 6 -1 in the preseason in
    2011- 2012.

    I love the fresh set of eyes, I loved the way he managed the ebbs and
    flows of the game and I absolutely believe that Maurice is the answer to
    the riddle of what was wrong with the Jets.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved coach Noel and up until this year I was supporter, but by comparison, Maurice is far more polished with the media and he will not
    allow the media’s questions to affect him like Noel did ( on a side note, I could not believe the Sara Orelesky / Ladd interview on the postgame, I thought it was brutally unfair to come at him that way). Simply put Paul Maurice’s 1000 +
    games of experience behind the bench coupled with his trial by fire in
    the Toronto media is exactly what this team needs to take this next stage in development. He will insulate these guys from the Tsunami of swings in the public mood.

    On the ice I thought, Setoguchi
    got the puck in space and looked great, Jokinen was able to be the guy
    to carry the puck with speed through the neutral zone. Frolik does what
    he does and creates space for his linemates with his speed. And
    Scheifele does what he does and got Wheeler the puck in space and
    allowed him to skate too.

    But, the
    thing I liked the best about the game last night is how Maurice
    identified and articulated some of the challenges that have plagued the
    Jets from day 1. His take on “Risk profiling” and the way he framed it
    will allow the players to have the confidence they were missing to not
    take those same chances. He said they can beat people with their speed
    and size and that they don’t need to take those same chances to win. I
    am sure Noel saw the same things but now you have complete “buy in” from
    the team. I expect good things to come.

  2. Grant Sharp says:

    That video montage to Claude Noel spoke volumes of the weight he was carrying around with him. I think that Claude Noel is a quality NHL coach, but I don’t think we had the necessary experience to handle the ebbs and flows of the media. I think the spirit of the public weighed very heavily on him and that because he cared so much that he allowed that negativity to bleed into his preparation. New eyes, new coach, new attitude. His experience will allow him to limit these swings in emotion and will serve as a calming influence. This is paramount to building consistency and success moving forward. GO JETS GO

  3. Grant Sharp says:

    Maurice also clearly had more purpose and confidence in dealing with the players. i mean tonight was laid out for him on a silver platter, but I am excited moving forward. The guys have bought in and are listening…. big big step.

  4. Pfiefedog says:

    While I share your enthusiasm with the changes, lets keep a shred of humility here. It was one game. As you mentioned earlier, last night was like the very first Columbus game and look at the roller-coaster we as fans have endured since. One game is not an indication of how this team plays. While I surely hope to see more of this effort by the team, they’ve proven numerous times in the past that they cannot maintain this level of commitment… But it sure would be a pleasure to see this kind of effort on a daily basis. Who knows where that could lead!

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