Winnipeg Jets hire Paul Maurice as Head Coach

Posted by David Minuk in Columns,Winnipeg Jets on January 12, 2014 — 3 Comments

Paul Maurice

Just like that the other shoe dropped.  In the same breath as the firing the Jets have hired Paul Maurice as the 2nd coach in the reincarnated franchise’s history.  Maurice took* the Carolina Hurricanes to the Stanley Cup Finals and has recently been an analyst on TSN.

*thx for heads up readers.


  • Bjernhjard Krowse

    Maurice hasn’t won any Cups.

  • William_Satterwhite

    Maurice took the Canes to the finals but did not win, it was Lavoliette who actually won the Cup a few years later.

  • ihartjets

    looks like i’m going to be an internet smart ass myself: The high point of his NHL career came in the 2001–02 NHL season, when the Hurricanes reached the Stanley Cup finals, losing to the Detroit Red Wings. After coaching 604 regular season games, he was let go by the Hurricanes in 2003 when the team started the first 20 games 8–12. Under Maurice the Hurricanes achieved three winning seasons from 1998–2002. (wikipedia)

    he also has a lot of low points, but who doesn’t in their line of work. as long as he can get our team out of the rut, i am happy.

    go jets go