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Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets a bullet short in shootoutUnfortunately the Jets brought a BB gun to this gun fight with a team that is filled with heavy artillery.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Penguins quick on the drawWhile winning that draw ultimately led to the game winning goal there were numerous ways the Jets blew this game in the 3rd period.

Winnipeg Sun:  Little things trip up JetsIn-game adjustments are necessary to prevent things like this happening.  In this instance not being able to adapt led to the game winning goal.

Winnipeg Sun:  Watching the Jets try to fly with Penguins painful stuffWhile Pittsburgh certainly had a number of defensive lapses (that should be a concern for Pens fans) trying to get into a race with a team that has that much  horsepower is a big, big mistake.

TSN:  Jets pay the price for giving Pens chance after chanceFrom his perch up in the press box Dennis assess the Jets 6-5 loss to the Penguins.

Pittsburgh Tribune:  Morning JavaThe senior writer for the Tribune with a noted affinity for all things Winnipeg writes some very interesting tidbits about the Penguins players assessment of the Jets and their ‘system’ (or lack thereof).  Very notable and somewhat surprising that another team’s veteran players are prepared to make such statements. (Starts midway in the post)
Coach Noel practice

Penguins 6 Jets 5:

Coach Claude Noel post-gameCoach Noel met with the media following the game against Pittsburgh.

Jets on a DeadlineGame recaps, post-game audio, video highlights and the 3 Stars of the night.

IceCaps news:

The Telegram:  IceCaps scuttle Pirates 3-1 in AHL playWhile the parent club is struggling things are going well down on the farm as they ripped off their third straight win on home ice and fourth in last five gamesEddie Pasquale had another good game winning his 13th game of the season.

  • Tennis Newz

    Interesting article in the Tribune but Kane’s only 22 so I don’t think the 2 year difference between him and the ‘new’ core (Scheifele, Trouba, etc) is too high. Buff I can definitely see, and Wheeler/Ladd/Little, but I’m not sure that Dejan realized Kane is much younger than those guys. Kane’s basically the age of a lot of prospects so you’re really just making a lateral move in terms of age if you were to move him out unless it’s just for picks, but even then it doesn’t make much sense. If he was 27 or 28 and only had a couple years left on his contract, then it would definitely make sense. But moving a 22 year old with a long-term contract because you want young players who will be with the team for a while doesn’t make much sense. That just describes Kane. Wheeler I could see if there’s good enough return. But he’s still fairly young and also has a long contract that overlaps a lot with when some of the current young players should be hitting their prime so again, are you really getting an upgrade by moving him? And if you move him to someone like the Pens, how good of a player are you going to get back? They’re going to finish so high that their first round pick isn’t going to be much better than Winnipeg’s 2nd rounder. Still not a bad pick but it’s not like you’re moving him for anywhere close to a top 10 selection. Are they going to give up a prospect who can play top 6 for the Jets within in a few couple seasons? If not then the development cycle of that player doesn’t match up any better with guys like Scheifele and Trouba than Wheeler does with them so is it actually an improvement?