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Jets news:

TSN:  Jets outshot by Wild, fall in divisional matchupIn four games Ondrej Pavelec has had 138 shots against and he has been the only reason the Jets have been in many of these gamesNot surprisingly he has faced the most shots against in the NHLHe continues to make save after save to keep the games close but his team is providing very little in the way of support both offensively and defensively.

Winnipeg Free Press:  A Wild night for JetsIt was the lowest shot total since the Jets returned to Winnipeg and it was a less than exemplary night.  They were facing a winless Wild team who was playing without their number one netminder, yet the Jets just couldn’t generate anything.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Success in circle work in progressThe Jets are now worst in the league and they faced off against the best club in the Wild and the disparity was rather apparent, winning 16 of 61 draws yesterday.

Winnipeg Sun:  Can’t win when losing drawsRemember yesterday when I said the Jets were 29th in the league in face off percentage and could really just go up as it was simply the Flames who stood behind them?  After last night’s disastrous night in the circle, the Jets now stand alone in 30th.  One positive was Mark Scheifele finished 6/10.  On the other hand, Bryan Little went 1/20.

Winnipeg Sun:  Halischuk gives Winnipeg Jets grit in debutHustle-chuk, as he was referenced during the game, brought a nice dynamic to the Jets 4th line, which unfortunately didn’t spread to the rest of the lineup.

Illegal Curve:  Jets on a DeadlineGame recaps, post-game audio, video highlights and the 3 Stars of the night.

Coach Noel Post-game audio:

Coach NoelOpening thoughts. Trouble generating offence. What did Halischuk bring to the lineup? How is Frolik? Can he take any positives from keeping game close?

Audio courtesy of TSN 1290 Winnipeg.

IceCaps news:

The Telegram:  IceCaps will see many new pups, some old dogs at ‘The Pound’ tonightIt really is amazing to see the transformation AHL teams undergo from year to year.

Jets opposition (Dallas Stars) news:

Dallas Morning News:  Despite Winnipeg ties, Stars’ Eakin, Garbutt await hostile receptionI think fans at the MTS Centre used up all their visiting team love on Teemu Selanne and aside from friends and family, it will not be a welcoming environment for either players who live here or otherwise.

Globe and Mail:  Dallas Stars on the riseNice to read about a team like the Stars reviving itself.

One response to “Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. Grant Sharp says:

    Wow…all I have to say is wow. Ok I lied… that is not all I have to say.

    1) I think we need to be clear about the fact that Ondrej Pavelec is an “”all-world” goalie. If we did not have a goalie of his callaber we would be up the creek without a paddle. It is so funny, every year we marvel at Pavelec throughout the year and in the off season, we get blinded by his mediocre stats. Pavelec is NOT the problem.

    2) FACEOFFS! Can’t win games without the puck. But this is about more than faceoff proficiency. The team is missing “JAM”. We have yet to outshoot an opponent and we are lucky to have the 2 wins we do. The guys look like they are not engaged in the game. They lack intensity and eerily look like they are still in “pre-season” mode. I believe this is a severe attitude problem and it WILL NOT fly at the MTS center this year. Focus and preparation are part of being a professional. I don’t have any stats to support this, but I would bet they are dead last in the league on Faceoffs after 4 games. And I would also bet that they are last by a long shot. They have not put in a solid 60 minute effort once this year and that is not a recipe to win games or a habit of a play off team. I personally would rather watch a team like Calgary who gets beat with a solid work ethic than these guys right now… I love the Jets, but I don’t love the commitment to winning.
    The media flagged it in the preseason, Noel was already making excuses about lack of practice time. Bogosian and Ladd made comments about it being only “pre-season”. These guys are supposed to be “pros” I felt like I was listnening to Allen Iverson… WEAK.

    3) Little, Ladd and Wheeler are not clicking yet and I think that putting Stuart and Trouba together limits Trouba’s effectiveness. In an earlier comment I made back in july (before we acquired Halischuk) I suggested Trouba should play with Enstrom. I would like to see that.

    and lastly 4) Time to shake stuff up. Halischuk was strong and I think he deserves another look. Tangradi was solid so I think he should stay in… And Wright appears to be Noel’s favorite player so I don’t think he is going anywhere. SO why not try this:

    Ladd Little Setoguchi

    Kane Scheifele Wheeler

    Tangradi Jokinen Frolik

    Wright Slater Halischuk

    Clitsome Byfuglien

    Enstrom Trouba

    Stuart Bogosian

    Special teams have been average so far. and I think have along with Pavelec been one of the bright spots so far. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little creativity in order to get Buff more involved. They have taken away his shot, so why not drop him down and rotate Setoguchi back to the point for the odd shot?

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