Winnipeg Jets Blake Wheeler conference call

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We are down to one big RFA left as the Jets announced late last night that they had signed Blake Wheeler to a six year contract.

Blake Wheeler v2

Blake spoke with the media to discuss his new six year deal.  Listen here.

Conference Call:

Blake Wheeler

Audio courtesy of TSN Radio 1290.

Comments from the Teleconference:

– “For me it was virtually a no brainer. This is where I want to be. I believe we have what it takes to get to next level”

–  “I’m thrilled to have avoided the process (arbitration)”

– “I think I put more pressure on myself. Having that vote of confidence, I am type of person who will run with it.

– “My impression was they wanted me to be a Jet long term and I also wanted to be a Jet long term”

– (On potentially representing the US in Sochi): “It is a huge honour” (although he might have used honor).

– (On new additions): “I think they are great additions. Can never discount adding a Stanley Cup champion to your team”.

– (On keeping in touch with team mates during negotiations): “We were all in the same boat. Wanting to keep Wpg as long term”.