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Jets news:

Globe and Mail:  In search of that free agent diamond in the roughThere are still some enticing players out there in free agent land, including this member of the Jets who cracked Shoalts list.
Ron Hainsey 2 wm

If you missed it, there was plenty of Jets articles throughout the weekend.

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NHL news:  Waite ready to help Price meet potentialHe has helped to raise the game play of a number of goalies so Habs fans will be ecstatic if he can help their #1 netminder reach his full potential.

Illegal Curve Hockey Show replay:
Group at fun fest

Part 1:  Winnipeg Jets acquire Devin Setoguchi and Michael Frolik.  Winnipeg Jets re-sign Grant Clitsome and Al Montoya.   Interview with Jim Nill, GM of the Dallas Stars.  Have the Jets done enough in free-agency to satisfy you?  Interview with Michael Traikos, National Post.  Daniel Alfredsson leaves Ottawa, signs in Detroit, Stephen Weiss also signs in Detroit.

Part 2:  Ottawa loses Alfredsson, trades for Bobby Ryan, signs Clarke MacArthur.  Free Agent Defenseman signings.  Nathan Horton, Ryan Clowe, Michael Ryder, Patrik Elias signings.  Giroux, Lecavalaier, Ribeiro, Iginla, Filippula, Cullen, Stalberg signings (breaking, Jets sign Adam Pardy).  Adam Pardy signing, Free Agent Goaltender signings.  Winners and Losers.

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  1. Grant Sharp says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to post a glass is half full response to some of the negativity I have been hearing about the off season moves Chevy has been making so far when it comes to the Jets roster for this upcoming season.

    I know many people are already writing us off for the upcoming year… saying things like this is not a “playoff” roster and others who consider that the moves that Chevy has made aren’t enough to get us over the playoff bubble.

    I would argue that the moves that Chevy has made have made us younger, faster and for the most part more effective in the offensive zone.

    Let’s start by looking at the additions of both Frolik and Setoguchi on the Right side. Frolik played approximately 12 minutes a game for Chicago mainly in a Fourth line / Penalty killing role yet still managed to generate 87 shots on goal. His shot per minute played ratio would be in the top 5 on the Jets last year and although his shooting percentage was horrible (under 4%) his career average puts is considerably higher ( around 7.2% ). With increased ice time and more offensively inclined linemates it is not beyond the realm of possibility that he would be able to put up numbers closer to his career average.

    Setoguchi scored more Powerplay goals last year then anyone on our roster. He also would have been top 5 on the Jets in shots which will only help us take more shots on goal as a team which will lead to more opportunities to score.

    The Addition of Jacob Trouba, a healthy Zach Bogosian and Tobi Enstrom will only improve our D-corps ability to move the puck and breakout effectively from our own end. This will mean less time in our own zone and hopefully fewer turnovers and fewer quality chances to score from our opponents.

    Putting my Claude Noel hat on, I would speculate that our lines out of training camp may end up looking something like this:

    Ladd Little Wheeler
    Kane Scheifele Setoguchi
    Tangradi Jokinen Frolik

    Wright Slater Thorburn


    or this:

    kane Little Wheeler
    Ladd Scheifele Setoguchi
    Tangradi Slater Frolik
    Wright Jokinen Thorburn

    or some combination of the above…

    On defence 5 on 5 I would like to see

    Clitsome Byfuglien

    Stuart Bogosian

    Enstrom Trouba

    I would play Kane, Little, Wheeler and Ladd around 20 min each per night up front. I would limit Jokinen and Slater to 12 mintutes per night with Slater doing the majority of the heavy lifting on defensive zone faceoffs. Tangradi and Wright would play approx 10 – 12 minutes and you could play Frolik and Setoguchi around 15 minutes each. Leaving 8 minutes or less for Thorburn or Peluso depending who was in the lineup on any given night. I would forsure re-unite “The old shoe” for Powerplays and periodically when you need momentum throughout the game. The important thing is to play Kane with a quick center who is a right handed shot. Little shoots right and so does Scheifele. The key thing upfront for the Jets will be for Scheifele to play 15 minutes per night and score 15 goals. If he can do that or if Jokinen can bounce back and do that, then the Jets will be able to be productive across at least 2 of their lines and given that Jokinen playing in the bottom six and playing him with a reliable quick right handed shot in Frolik will shelter him from other teams top checkers and hopefully give him every chance to improve his team worst minus 19 as well as be productive from the bottom half of the lineup.

    On the back end, Clitsome and Byfuglien were effective as a pairing for most of last year. Less flashy… more stable then the electfic wild stallion pairing Enstrom and Byfuglien which is often dangerous at both ends of the ice.

    Stuart and Bogosian is a very good shut down pairing. 5 on 5 they will be able to do a lot of heavy lifting against the other teams top offensive unit and they should be able to handle quality minutes on the PK. The final pairing would be Enstrom and Trouba ( or Redmond / Postma / Kulda / Pardy) my hope would be that Trouba is able to step up and play full time minutes. clocking between 15 and 18 minutes a night… the goal would be to remove Byfuglien from the PK and replace him with Trouba. Pairing Enstrom with Trouba could be a very effective way to protect Tobi in our end. The idea would be that Trouba’s primary job would be to retrieve the puck and get it to Tobi for the breakout. if Tobi doesn’t have to deal with forecheckers as often he should be able to move the puck up and not have to worry as much about getting pasted into the boards and messing up his shoulder. A healthy Tobi could easily play on the Power play for and clock in 22- 25 minutes per night. With Buff off the PK and doing less heavy lifting in our end ( clocking him in around 20 minutes per game in more offensive situations) he would then have a higher energy level 5 on 5 and on the PP. This would lead to more “good Buff” and less “bad Buff”. Bogo would also play 22 – 25 minutes per night. Stuart would log around 18 – 20 as would Clitsome.

    Pardy and Redmond would fill out your top 8 on the roster running with 13 forwards and 8 defense at any given time. Postma effectively becomes “trade bait” and depending on what happens with the rest of Free Agency may end up getting packaged with another player or prospect to fill the center ice hole if Scheifele or Trouba can’t get the job done.

    Bottom line is that this roster is going to be better on the ice than the pundits will give them credit for in any preseason countdown show. I am betting that TSN and Sportsnet will have the Jets finishing no higher than 11th in the west and i am willing to bet that they will finish somewhere between 6th and 9th. i see Chicago and St Louis as the only locks to get in… and as far as I am concerned the rest of the spots are up for grabs. Dallas is very young and beyond Gonchar has very little in the way of proven production from from the bottom half of their lineup. They are also very week on the Rightside of the ice. Anytime your first round draft pick is slotted to take a spot in your top 6 you are playing with fire. Nashville will be Nashville… their team defence will be spot on as usual, but as usual they will have trouble scoring goals. You cannot count on Stalberg to be the answer and I am not sold on Horqvist scoring 30. Colorado will have lots of firepower down the middle, but they are young and there blueline is absolutely horrible… that’s right horrible. Are we expecting Giguere to be a Vezina winner cuz i don’t think Varlamov will be the answer. Minnesota is a young team with lots of topend talent. But they are overpaying for Danny Heatley, they are up against the cap something fierce. They barely got into the playoffs last year, and relying on their younger players to produce consistantly through an 82 game schedule maybe too much too soon.

    in Summary, what I am getting at is the “Central” or whatever they chose to call it isn’t the toughest division in the league. The “West” only has 14 teams competing for 8 spots where as the east has 16. Detroit and Columbus both moved out and we were the ones to replace them… Our team is solid in net. Solid in the back end and a heck of a lot faster up front then the past couple of years. I think the Jets will play fast, hard 2 way , grind it out hockey. I think Little, Ladd, Wheeler and Kane are as good as anyone in the league. I think Setoguchi and Frolik will complement them nicely. I also think that Jokinen will bounce back in a more limited role and the Scheifele will be given every opportunity to show that he can play 15 minutes per night and score 15 goals. I also think that managing Byfuglien’s ice time is key to his effectiveness and keeping him under 22 minutes is absolutley key to ensuring maximum effectiveness regardless of what kind of shape he shows up for camp in… (BTW. My wife has been spying on Emily Hendry’s twitter feed and “she” is on an organic food kick. so maybe Buff shows up at 255 – 265? Can you imagine the carnage he would unleash playing 20 -22 minutes per night in mainly offensive situations in shape?!)

    Bottom line is I am a believer in Chevy’s plan… I see this current incarnation of the Jet’s as one that will play fast and challenge for a play off spot. Personally I can’t wait to see how it plays out… Have a great summer guys!

  2. David Minuk says:

    Grant. I’m blown away by this comment. Still processing but thanks very much for adding your thoughts. You are welcome to comment anytime!!!

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