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Posted by David Minuk in Daily Papers,Winnipeg Jets on July 7, 2013 — 6 Comments

Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets Pardy Saturday, signing 4 and losing 1.  While the Jets gained some AHL talent, they lost shootout specialist Mike Santorelli who signed with his hometown Canucks.

Illegal Curve:  What Does A Number Four Defenceman in the NHL MakeAfter the Jets signed Grant Clitsome to his contract this week, Richard took a look at the average salaries for NHL defencemen based upon ice time.

NHL news:

Globe and Mail:  Second choices make for best fit between Iginla, BruinsHockey sometimes makes strange bedfellows, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that these two ended up together.

CBC:  Jaromir Jagr among NHL free agents still availableWhile we await the second wave of signings, it will be interesting to see which teams make the next move.

6 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. Wpg Dynamo says:

    I was checking to see what happened to Zach Yuen. I see that he was not drafted this time around, does this mean the Jets were smart not to sign him? Did his agent want too much, does anyone know what happened or what will happen to him now?

  2. David Minuk says:

    He was invited to the Dallas Stars prospect camp and will be attending that I believe.

  3. Wpg Dynamo says:

    Thanks, I just checked their list. Any idea what turned the jets away from him?

  4. David Minuk says:

    Still hasn’t been disclosed.

    Did find it interesting that he wasn’t re-drafted last Sunday.

  5. Wpg Dynamo says:

    Another Jet 2011 draft pick Aaron Harstad, who is not invited to the prospect camp, played for Colorado college this past winter. Did his value simply drop off? I know that there have been some amazing players drafted as low as this kid in past history, maybe the NHL should just cut the draft down to 3 rounds? I wonder how much assistance is given to someone like this, to tell them you need to do these things in order for you to make it. Seems like a big time waste.

  6. Wpg Dynamo says:

    Where did Luke Eibler Def. (23 yrs old) play last season?

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