Winnipeg Jets trade 2014 2nd Round pick for Devin Setoguchi of the Wild

Posted by David Minuk in Winnipeg Jets on July 5, 2013 — No Comments

Just as Jets fans were desparing that their team wouldn’t make a move, Bob McKenzie broke this late day deal;


Turned out the pick was a 2014 2nd Round pick.

He has one year left on his deal with a cap hit of 3 million.

Listen to the teleconference:

Kevin Cheveldayoff

Audio courtesy of TSN Radio 1290.

Update: Jets GM spoke with the media at 7 pm cst and had this to say about his newest acquisition:

– First time he spoke with Minnesota GM about Setoguchi was at the draft floor.

– At the draft Minnesota wasn’t prepared to the deal. Deal came together late afternoon today.

– Feel ok giving up the 2nd round pick because we had so many picks in this past draft. Have to be flexible in how we do business.

– Feel we are a much better team now than we were before the draft. Setoguchi will have an opportunity to be in a prolific role w/us

– We are really excited in having Devin as part of the organisation. Step 1 is getting Devin in the organisation.

– Haven’t had the chance to speak with Setoguchi yet.

– We were very active on the interview side, spoke with players and agents which led to action on some players.

– We were very very much in on somethings. Thankful the trade possibility worked out for us.

– Never had the opportunity to fly a free agent in, but had many good conversations.

– Spoke to a couple of our RFA’s today, and had some dialogue, and hopefully moved things along.

– We will focus on continuing conversations with our RFA’s. Winnipeg, as a city, was not a factor in not getting any UFA’s

– Good nucleus of guys here. Really excited about the opportunities here. Acquiring draft picks (in Oduya trade) let us do this.

– Spoken to a couple of the agents of the Jets UFA players. Nothing brewing there.

– Still have some conversations on-going, but we will put this on the board and then see where we’re at, roster wise.

– If you can get the right player and lock him in for 7 years, then so be it. Free agency is a difficult day with so many bidders.

– You have to look &see where the team will be in a few years. A guy might fit now, but will he fit in a few years (on long term deals)

– Once a player becomes part of our family, we are confident we can keep them and move forward with them.

– All our conversations with our UFA’s has been very good and cordial.

– There will be a lot of catching up to see who’s off the board, who’s still available and who, if any players, work for us.

– The cap creeps us very quickly, and we wanted to make sure we have the resources to sign our RFA’s. Locking them up is priority #1.

– Setoguchi has a good shot, a “mind for offense”, has scored at the NHL level. A good skated and has a “good mind for the game”

– Fits well into the age demographic of our team. Up to the coach to decide if Setoguchi is the guy to compliment Evander Kane.