Winnipeg Jets Grant Clitsome conference call

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After signing a three year deal the Jets Grant Clitsome spoke with the media today (via teleconference) to discuss the signing.

Clitsome post-practice

Listen to the teleconference:

Grant Clitsome

Audio courtesy of TSN Radio 1290.

If you cannot listen while at work here are some of the comments he made and which we tweeted;

– Priority from day 1 to get a deal done with Winnipeg. Gave me an opportunity to play regularly in the league.

– Difficult year to predict the results of free-agency with the lowering of the cap.

– Means a lot to get a 3 year deal. Longest term deal I’ve received in my career. “Nice vote of confidence”. Job security.

– We have a great defensive corps. Exciting to look to the future with these guys.

– Huge for my career to play more minutes this past year. Story of my career, having to prove myself constantly.

– Haven’t sat down and looked to see where I fit into the top 6. Not too concerned with that. Just excited to be back in Winnipeg.

– Just trying to do my best game by game. Don’t want to get too confident, and thus complacent. Just trying to constantly improve.

– Getting the opportunity to play more minutes, helped me build my confidence. Coaches trusted me and that helped me immeasurably.

– Always trying to improve my game, in all areas. Not just focussed on improving 1 area. Trying to be and build on my consistency.

– Very excited with the adding of a winner like Michal Frolik. Going to make us stronger and add some depth to our team.

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