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Standings as of April 9, 2013

Scoreboard watch: Penguins @ Hurricanes | Capitals @ Canadiens | Flyers @ Islanders | Senators @ Lightning

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Jets news:

IIHF:  From Ust-Kamenogorsk to NHL.  Jets Nik Antropov talks about his career, Winnipeg and Kazakh hockey.

Illegal Curve:  Dustin Byfuglien and the Trade Market.  Richard takes a look at what the Jets might do with the enigmatic defenceman.

Sportsnet:  Jets not on that next levelWhile they are certainly not an elite team when you consider how poorly the teams around them have played, it isn’t difficult to envision this team making it to the playoffs.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Two routes, one goal.   The Southeast Division crown did seem to be the easiest route to get to the post season but with teams 6-12 as bunched up as they are, it isn’t out the realm of possibility that Winnipeg gets into the 6-8th spot.  Especially if the Capitals continue to play as well as they have of late.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Swimming in Jets’ streamFor Jacob Trouba this is going to be quite the growth experience.  To think just a few weeks ago he was living at home continuing to be a product of the University of Michigan.  Fast forward to yesterday and he is participating in his first full practice with his new team.  About the only bad news for the Michigan native is his Maize and Blue Wolverines lost the National Championship basketball game last night.

Winnipeg Free Press:  For Jets, it’s a defining weekLook at the standings above and the teams the Jets are playing are all below them in terms of position.  Can the Jets step on their rivals to move themselves forward?  They will have an excellent opportunity to accomplish same over the next couple of weeks.

Winnipeg Sun:  D hasn’t improved this seasonWhat has caused the Jets to completely remain stagnant despite coach Noel and his staffs attempt to improve team commitment to defence?  Put on your coach’s caps and share your thoughts on why the Jets have failed to improve!
Jets coaches

Winnipeg Sun:  Jacob Trouba staying with billet familyAs he gets acclimatized to the city, the Jets young defencemen is being helped to make the transition with a local familyHe looked good in yesterday’s full practice with the team although coach Noel remained guarded as to when he may see his first NHL action.

Globe and Mail:  End of the AffairThis seems premature.   On one hand it injects the notion of Winnipeg losing a team by not supporting it and also somehow insinuates disloyalty because of booing.  I would suggest that fans in this market are sophisticated enough to boo if the team is not putting forth a sufficient effort and it doesn’t go any deeper than that.

National Post:  Jets catch scheduling break in final push toward playoffsWho would have thought that having a couple of days off between games would be such a luxury?  The Jets actually have four days between games between the game against the Panthers on Thursday (April 11th) and the Lightning on Tuesday (April 16th) which will give coach Noel and his staff time to give the players both rest and practice.

USA Today:  NHL power rankingsThe Jets are 0-19 on the power play during the past six games so somewhat appropriately they are listed in the 19th spot.

Illegal Curve: Coach Noel post-practice audio. Keeping focus on Buffalo. Having a full practice. Status of Ladd. Trouba fitting in. Any confidence facing teams below them in the standings? Top line finding net again. Approach to team defence, how has it gone after 40 games? Goals For down from last season (focus on power play). Guarding against being complacent. Warning signs.

Illegal Curve: Player audio post-practice. Chats with Jacob Trouba, Mark Stuart and James Wright.
Mark Stuart interview

Jets affiliate news:

The Telegram:  IceCaps no longer practicing at Mile One CentrePositively odd situation the Jets farm club is experiencing with their home rink.  Could you imagine if the Jets were always working out at the IcePlex instead of the MTS Centre?  That is essentially what is happening in St. John’s apparently.

Jets opposition (Sabres) news:

Buffalo News:  Miller steps up for Sabres with time winding downHe is the face of the franchise and while there were reports around the trade deadline that he could be moved, the Sabres number one goalie has his team in the hunt.

Olean Times Herald:  What will it take to get Regier firedNo punches pulled in this article about Buffalo’s GM.

NHL news:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  Concussion sidelines Penguins’ Neal indefinitelyThe latest setback for the Penguins high powered offence.

Globe and Mail:  Coyotes sale not imminentI would suggest that the situation has become untenable, but that would have been the case years ago.  It is simply not fair to fans in Arizona to keep this dragging on and on.  If you have a buyer who will keep the team in the desert, then sell the team already.  How the 29 other owners are not putting pressure on the NHL to stop propping up this franchise is beyond understanding.

CBC:  Prime Minister to Gary Bettman – Let NHL stars play in SochiRegardless of your politics, you can probably expect that this is a message which would be universally embraced by all Canadians.

2 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. Grant Sharp says:

    I think it is too early to rule out a Jets push. Having said that I also think the boys need to bear down and pull together. Hopefully this week in practice they can work out the kinks on the powerplay in time for the stretch run.

    If I were to put on the Claude Noel hat, I would suggest that a personel change on the PP might be in order. Little, Ladd & Wheeler are fantastic 5 on 5 (particularly off the rush). But on the PP they aren’t getting the job done. Enstrom and Buff are good together, but as has been well documented the play is to Buff for a one timer. At this point I am pretty sure a MMJHL team could easily defend it.

    It is time to switch things up. Time to put Kane on the right side, with Ladd on the left and Wellwood up the middle. I would keep Buff and Enstrom on the point on the first unit. Enstrom is your QB, you have Ladd infront causing havoc with Wellwood on the 1/2 wall and Buff and Kane open for one timers on their offside. This gives you several shooting options and Kane will certainly help interms of puck retrieval. Your 2nd unit PP then becomes:

    Little, Wheeler, (and whoever is hot) with Bogo and Enstrom (on the backend until the last 20 seconds or so when Hainsey comes on for a return to 5 on5). Ideally you would have Antro infront on this unit but he is obviously out.

    The other thing I would be harping on if I was Noel would be the importance of sealing off the boards when your D-man pinches down. If your D is going to commit, it provides an easy out for the opposing team if the closest forward isn’t covering over to fill in that gap. The Detroit Redwings have been doing this for years. Now I don’t know if the directive for the D-men is to back off and that’s why the forwards aren’t covering over or if it is laziness (or incompetency) on behalf of the forwards. But if I am the guy who is being pinched on, I am just doing a simple chip into the open spaced created by the vacant Defender. Now your Center is curling over (or the offside winger) into that open space and has speed against a defencman who is forced to backoff… This often leads to an odd man rush, or an easy chip in for the other team. In fairness, they have been better at this lately, but this is simple common sense that most of us are taught by the end of Atom hockey.

    The other that has to has to change if these guys are going to make it in, is they must get Jokinen and Kane seperated. I understand that they played better together against Philly, but the main issue is that Jokinen is traditionally a shoot first guy and so is Kane. Without a fast skating puck distributor you are going to have severe problems generating any kind of offensive flow. Wouldn’t it make sense to put Kane on a line with Little and Wheeler and move Ladd down with Jokinen and Wellwood? Ladd is probably one of the smartest players we have. Wellwood can move up and down the lineup so long as you can compensate for his Defensive limitations and his footspeed. Jokinen can do this. Now you have Shooter in Jokinen, Passer in Wellwood & Glueguy in Ladd who can do either and reads the play verywell both off the cycle and off the rush. This also allows you to play the line of Santorelli, Burmistrov & Tangradi together (they have looked good and seem to be a good fit) and a bonified 4th line of Wright, Gagnon & Thorburn ( or Peluso or Slater). Slater would be my first choice because of his Faceoff prowess and footspeed.

    It’s also important that the Jets play fast. They are not the Tanks, they are the Jets. This teams identity needs to suit there style. You can play fast hard & Responsible (see the Montreal Canadiens) But you have to have the players in the lineup who can push the pace.

    I am done ranting, but I will signoff on the fact that I think moving Buff next year or any year would be a huge mistake. He is a unique talent in this league and his skillset is second to none for his size. What I would do is hire a full time food consultant for him and get him off all his crazy suppliments and get him onto juicing or something. I mean you can’t tell me that 6’5 245 Buff wouldn’t be the most menacing figure in the league. I am willing to bet that if someone could challenge Buff on get him to commit to a new nutrition plan that his results would go through the roof. I am not saying Buff stop eating meat or anything. Heck I am sure he would love a diet of Freshwater fish, Grass fed Beef, certified organic chicken, etc. for his protein and iron, etc. The key would be to insure he makes sure that 51% of his caloric intake would be raw fruits and vegetables.

    Is it realistic? I think so. Is it something he is willing to consider? I don’t know… Personally I think a leaner, healthier Buff would compete with Shea Webber as the most desirable Dmen in the league. His longevity would be increased. He wouldn’t be injured as ofter… and most of all energy level would be through the roof. 25 minutes a night? No problem.

    Later guys, you are all fantastic.

  2. Grant that response was fantastic and has earned you an IC Toque. Going to email you for your address.

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