Market Research Survey to gauge potential interest in WHL franchise in Winnipeg

Posted by David Minuk in Jr. Hockey on April 5, 2013 — 2 Comments

Could the WHL be coming to Winnipeg?


True North has advised that they will be conducting a survey starting today and going until Tuesday.

According to the True North release:

The purpose of the survey will be to gauge the potential interest in a Western Hockey League (WHL) franchise in Winnipeg, should an opportunity develop for this market. The survey will be sent to a sample group of current and former MTS Centre and Winnipeg Jets customers. Only those that are sent an email will be asked to participate in the survey at this time. We will continue to advise the media in the event there are further developments with respect to True North Sports & Entertainment and the Western Hockey League.

So would you buy tickets to see WHL hockey in Winnipeg?  Season ticket holders?  Non season ticket holders?  Let us know.

2 responses to “Market Research Survey to gauge potential interest in WHL franchise in Winnipeg”

  1. Kyle Wiebe says:

    As I can’t afford to attend many Jets games, I would absolutely buy WHL tickets. I would not be a season ticket holder, however.

  2. Gavin Pell says:

    I can take what I spend on one Jets ticket and go to 3 WHL games. I like that math.

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