Statement from the Redmond Family

Posted by David Minuk in Winnipeg Jets on February 25, 2013 — 3 Comments

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The Winnipeg Jets on behalf of the Redmond family released the following statement:

We are truly overwhelmed by the tremendous support we have received on behalf of Zach. The outpouring of emotion and kind words we have received has helped our family get through this difficult time.

We are eternally grateful for the quick response of the Winnipeg Jets training and coaching staff as well as Zach’s teammates, who without reservation jumped to his aid, heroically took control of the situation and made sure Zach was given the proper care, in turn saving his life. Zach is currently in positive spirits, and getting the rest he needs while surrounded by family and friends in a Raleigh area hospital. We are deeply appreciative of all the support and are optimistic about Zach’s full recovery and future.

At this time, we hope that Zach and ourselves, as well as his friends, can have a little privacy as he begins the healing process. Thank you again.


In case you missed it, on Thursday, February 21st, 2013 Zach Redmond had a laceration to his right femoral artery and vein when teammate Antti Miettinen accidentally stepped on his leg during practice in Carolina.  Here is the link to our post which covered the injury and which also includes audio from Jets athletic therapist Rob Milette.

3 responses to “Statement from the Redmond Family”

  1. Chris G. says:

    Zach has been a great addition to the Jets this year and I’m just glad he’s going to be okay.

  2. disqus_iC48kaUNcw says:

    Good luck with the recovery, Zach! We’re sorry to see your season cut short with such a horrible injury. But the fact that you lived to play another day is the silver lining in this tragedy.

  3. Terry Eger says:

    keep your chin up cowboy. love your family. your peg family loves you almost as much.

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