Evander Kane addresses the racism claims in The Hockey News article

Posted by David Minuk in Winnipeg Jets on February 14, 2013 — 3 Comments

Evander Kane addressed the media following the furor that resulted after the release of snippets of his The Hockey News interview in which it was asserted that the colour of his skin causes a fair degree of the criticism he has faced.


Evander KanePutting the comments into context.  Social media was what he was directing his quotes about.  Does he get more hockey criticism due to colour of his skin?  Do people not understand the influences in his life?  Would he face these same sorts of questions/issues in New York/Chicago or Boston?  Is this a Winnipeg issue?  Positive and negative attention.  Does his persona not synch with the hockey mentality?  Did his family influence help him get through this?

Some quotes for those unable to listen to the audio at work:

“In terms of that quote I am definitively referring to social media and that sort of stuff”.

“People can hide behind a computer and say what they want”.

“I am more than open to accept criticism in terms of my on ice play and if I’m responsible for anything off ice, more than willing to accept that as well.  When it goes unwarranted you get sick and tired of it”

In response to a question about whether he would face this in New York, Chicago or Boston:

“Probably not, they’ve got bigger things to talk about in New York”


Winnipeg Free Press:  Kane says race-related remarks were a specific reaction to social media.

Winnipeg Sun:  ‘Winnipeg is a fishbowl’ Kane.

Yahoo:  Evander Kane and the race problem in Winnipeg.

3 responses to “Evander Kane addresses the racism claims in The Hockey News article”

  1. Ugolin says:

    Kaner’s a beauty. Having read countless slurs directed at him via social media, I love seeing the spotlight shifted onto the trash in this city who ooze jealousy and contempt for a young black man with tons of talent and money.

    Cue the mindless Winnipeg apologists.

  2. Kris Mueller says:

    I haven’t come across anything in person to say we have a problem in Winnipeg, but I can for sure see this being a problem on social media. People on the internet are idiots..

    There’s a reason my first jersey choice was Kane. Keep being you Kaner!

  3. Mr.Pink says:

    Winnipeg is a racist pit.I have been to games and the shit that is said about Evander Kane is terrible.He is one of the best players and the city doesn’t deserve his talents if that can’t get over the colour of a persons’ skin.

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