Winnipeg Jets audio from the MTS Centre

Posted by David Minuk in Scrums,Winnipeg Jets on February 3, 2013 — No Comments

Following some serious road woes, the Jets took a day off on Saturday and got back to work today on the ice at the MTS Centre.

February 3, 2013 Jets practice

Blake Wheeler –  Finding out about team when things don’t go your way.  Regrouping in a hurry.  Cannot allow the losses to eat away at them.  Worth ethic and attitude at the rink.

Ondrej Pavelec –  Giving up too many penalties.  5 on 3 talk.  

Chris ThorburnTalking about his 5 minute penalty.  Being entrusted with starting penalty kill.  Looking ahead to the Panthers.  Is he ready to score in front of MTS Centre crowd?

Paul PostmaScoring his first NHL goal.  Finding his transition to the NHL game.  Less intimidation playing now.