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Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Noel shuffles players as Jets take on CapitalsEven though the season just began, being able to get some new energy into the lineup could prove helpful, especially in the 2nd game of a back-to-back.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Not just happy to be there anymoreHanging with the big boys means being able to go into their barn and coming out with some pointsCoach Noel pulled out all his tricks in the 3rd period in an effort to win the game.
Jets vs. Bruins - Coach Noel

Winnipeg Free Press:  Spotlight on Mark ScheifeleAn assessment of the 2011 first round pick and what they liked and didn’t like about his game.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets bear downWhile it is difficult to celebrate a single point, the Jets played a solid road game yesterday in Boston.

TSN:  Second point was there for the Jets’ takingWhile the Jets might have only left Massachusetts with a single point, fans can take solace in the fact that the team put forth a much better effort that they saw in Saturday’s home opener.  The team had more jump and the chemistry is starting to show.  Of course Winnipeg is going to need to put forth another solid game against a Capitals team that is waiting for them in Washington for their home opener.

Winnipeg Sun:  Kyle Wellwood had big opportunity, little ice timePerhaps coach Noel wanted to get bigger against a big Bruins team.  Wellwood, Jokinen and Kane looked good out there in the 2nd period but coach Noel obviously had his reasons for making the switch.
Jets vs. Bruins - Bench

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets will face their road woes and back-to-back breakdowns against CapitalsThe dreaded 2nd game of a back-t0-back.  Of the 6 back-to-back’s the Jets will play this season, I believe 5 will be on the road.  Will the Jets road troubles combine with their difficulty in back-to-back’s or will a new season bring new results?  The answer should begin to be known tonight around 10 pm.

Winnipeg Sun:  ‘Relief’ after Paul Postma posts 1st pointThe Postma and Post jokes are going to be having fans groaning at the already tired word playCongrats to the young blueliner on his first NHL assist.  Illegal Curve will keep you posted (couldn’t resist) on his success in tonight’s game against the Capitals.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets have a lot to be happy about in road opener, but … The Jets seemed to play the Bruins in close games last year and that tradition continued into the 2013 season.  Yesterday’s game was a tough one to loseThe powerplay is looking woeful already this year as they have scored just once in ten chances.

CBC:  Facing off against old demonsI never really thought to add afternoon games to the Jets struggles but this is definitely something they will need to overcome, considering they have to play 9 more afternoon affairs this season.

Illegal Curve:  Jets on a Deadline – Bruins 2 Jets 1 in SOIf you missed any of the stories, video highlights from the game and the 3 stars, we have you covered.
Bobby Jet

Jets affiliate & prospect news:

IceCaps official site:  IceCaps pull through with third period comebackThe parent club was unable to get the win versus the Senators, but the farm team had no such trouble, as they came back from behind to dispose of the baby Sens.

Reporter Herald:  Colorado Eagles ready to show off Northern ColoradoThe Eagles were awarded the All-Star game for the ECHL and the format is quite different.  Their entire team takes on 21 of the stars from around the league.

NHL news:

Toronto Star:  Ducks’ Teemu Selanne still scoring at 42And only in Winnipeg will a bar full of people cheer a player from a team that is not the Jets.  The love affair with Teemu was in full display on Saturday night as we took in the Canucks and Ducks game and every time Teemu scored, people took notice and cheered.

Sportsnet:  Twitter reacts over MacLean’s doppelgangerOriginally it was thought he was escorted from his seats but turns out the ushers were taking him for an interview.  Gotta love hockey.
MacLean's doppleganger

Chicago Sun-Times:  Blackhawks players already comparing team to 2010 Stanley Cup champsWhich goes to show you that you should never doubt the wisdom of our own Ezra Ginsburg who before the season began predicted that the Hawks could win the Stanley Cup (18:14 minute mark) on the Illegal Curve Hockey Show on TSN Radio 1290.  Of course 2 games into the season it may be a tad premature to be anointing the Hawks cup champs just yet.

CBC:  Hockey Night in Canada kicks off in record fashionNice to see that the Winnipeg and Ottawa game helped set a record for afternoon ratings.

Toronto Star:  Lockout anger hard to find as fans pack rinksWhile I don’t anticipate being called Nostra-dave-ous for suggesting this all throughout the lockout, I am really puzzled why people are acting surprised at what we are seeing from fans.

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    Wow, you guys sure love pumping your own tires. It’s either you guys claiming you invented the ‘GST’ nickname, which is preposterous seeing how unoriginal it is. Or it’s claiming to predict the Stanley Cup champions TWO games into the season. And of course it’s also saying that you prognosticated that Canadian fans would come back to hockey, like it’s some sort of amazing revelation that Canadians love hockey. All you guys do is cut and paste other peoples articles and add some useless comment, and while that is not plagiarism, it is equally as lazy. So please keep your hackneyed, self-righteous comments to yourselves, and just cut and paste. Thank you.

  • I think someone needs to ‘Get over it”
    Im personally too lazy to go searching through every online hockey topic, that involves the Jets or affiliates, or any other big news in the hockey world.
    And anyone who listens to 1290 know Ezzy and Jay were the ones who started with that whole GST line. Come on, it’s even on Instagram, it has to be true 🙂
    Cant wait for saturdays show boys. After a week into hockey, it should be a gooder!!!

  • Any other insight? Cause what you’ve just provided was really helpful. See that was sarcasm. Similarly most of the above is written in the same vein.

    My apologies that this site offends your sensabilities. I will go back to being a hack and continue cutting and pasting on a site you obviously hate to read.

    There are plenty of other Jets sites. I suggest you go add your insight on them.