Ondrej Pavelec audio from the IcePlex

Posted by David Minuk in Scrums,Winnipeg Jets on January 9, 2013 — No Comments

The Jets number one netminder was the focus of attention today at the IcePlex as Winnipeg media had their first opportunity to talk to the Jets since his summer drunk driving revelation.


Ondrej Pavelec –  Apology for his drunk driving.  He was scared. Didn’t disclose to anyone but his parents.  Didn’t disclose to his agent Allan Walsh.  Spoke with GM Cheveldayoff.  Did he speak to the Jets at the time of the incident.  What was Jets message?  How were his teammates?  Message to young people.  Lucky nobody got hurt.  Does it impact his driving?  Can he put it in the past?  Playing in Europe.  How many games can he play?  Does he expect to hear from the fans about the drunk driving incident?  Comfort level after signing long term contract.  Poor stats in Europe.  Getting to the post season.  Does his relationship with Jets management need mending?

Audio courtesy of TSN Radio 1290.