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Jets & Affiliate news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets to host SensGary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press just tweeted that the Jets will open the season against the Senators on Saturday, January 19th at 1:30 pm.  It was also be the first game in Canada to start the season.

TSN:  Captain Ladd says team can’t stumble out of gate.  I took a look at what teams made the playoffs in 1993-94 and then the following lockout shortened year and only 2 teams changed from the previous year.  (All the same Western Conference teams made it and only 2 Eastern Conference teams changed.  Mtrl/NYI were out and Que/Philly were in).  Now this might not occur this time around but the best bet for the Jets will be to come firing out of the gate from the start.

Winnipeg Free Press:   Thorburn believes winning key to getting fan base back.  Like a lot of players, Thorburn knows that this fan base wants to see a winner and that winning heals most wounds.  We will have to get his thoughts on how he feels knowing he won’t have 15,004 chanting GST every game.  Although I’m sure @icezzyg is working on his next nickname for a Slater, Thorburn and ____________ line.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Fans won’t see Jets tickets until schedule is releasedNot surprisingly until the CBA is ratified and the schedule is released Jets tickets won’t be making their way to season ticket holders.
Jets Tickets

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets’ website posting doesn’t cut it with fansSome fans did @tweet us saying they failed to notice the word ‘sorry’ anywhere within the message from the Jets (read that statement here).

Winnipeg Free Press:  New Jet Jokinen brings a little bit of Finland and a  lot of skill and leadershipWhile he remained silent during the lockout, fans will be very happy to hear what he had to say yesterday, when he spoke with the media for over 20 minutes.

Winnipeg Sun:  Finnish sniper Jokinen now a leaderAt 34 he is one of the older players on this relatively young squad and his leadership will be needed as the team begins the spring to the playoffs.

Winnipeg Sun:  Teemu gave Jokinen good word on WinnipegEven though Teemu has long since departed our city, the love affair continues and his good word probably helped the Jets being able to acquire his fellow FinnTalk like this will have fans giving Jokinen the key to the city.
Oli Jokinen

Winnipeg Sun:  No time to celebrate for HainseyWith all the time he has been spending in the boardrooms down in NYC, one might wonder what sort of time he has had to get into game shape.  Luckily for Hainsey, with the long breaks between negotiations we’re sure he likely found the time.

Winnipeg Sun:  Players expect ‘hockey crazy’ Jets fansI don’t think it will come as any surprise that fans in this city are going to go absolutely wild when their team steps on the MTS Centre ice for that first gameYou have to appreciate the pragmatism with which the players respond when asked if they expect boos from the crowd.

CBC:  Winnipeg fans, businesses rejoice at lockout dealThe downtown should see quite the influx as 15,000+ head down for 24 or 25 home games during the season.

Global Winnipeg:  MTS Centre scrambling to prepare for return of the JetsThe media will be down at the MTS Centre today to watch the application of the Jets logo on the ice at the rink.

Illegal Curve:  Statement from Winnipeg Jets to the CommunityA message from the Winnipeg Jets to fans everywhere.

Illegal Curve:  Player audio from the IcePlexJim Slater, Bryan Little and Zach Bogosian offered up their thoughts on a wide variety of topics.

The Telegram:  IceCaps will need A-game from young D-manThe end of the NHL lockout will provide some prospects in the AHL the chance to develop as they see some teammates head to the parent club and they get the chance to step up.

Northern Colorado 5:  Eagles Weekly UpdateTaking a look back at the week the Colorado Eagles had and what fans can expect from the Jets ECHL team in the week ahead.

CBA news:

Globe and Mail:  Marketing master must figure out how to regain NHL’s mojoI will be very interested to see what approach the league decides to take to regain the image they had prior to this lockout.

Globe and Mail:  NHL and union finally realized they needed a season most of allFormer Habs goalie turned politician Ken Dryden offers his thoughts on what it took for both sides to get a deal done.  And he is likely right that in less than a decade, neither side will remember the lessons they should have learned from this lockout.

Globe and Mail:  Fans want to know what’s in it for themMy guess, not much of anythingIt is interesting to read and hear fans reaction to the end of the lockout.  Some want an apology, others a discount, while still others say that they do not expect anything from the NHL.

CBC:  HNIC commentators gearing up for seasonAnd similarly fans from across this great nation are excited to turn on their televisions and watch some good old Hockey Night in Canada.

Toronto Star:  Will frustrated sponsors warm up to hockey againWhile some companies might be regretting their commitments to the league, the reality is that with a 10 year CBA and the labour peace it is expected to usher in, the NHL can now market themselves accordingly.

NHL news:

TSN:  Parise and Suter finally hit the ice for WildFor Minnesota fans it has to be very nice to see these two, not just on the ice together but to be wearing the Wild jerseys.  With the heavy spending of owner Craig Leipold, the State of Hockey has big expectations for this team.

Edmonton Journal:  Return of hockey could give arena deal ‘psychological’ pushThe pride in Oil country is quite high these days.  They are positively glowing at the prospects who have been ripping up the AHL with Oklahoma.  The last feather in the cap will be to finally get this arena deal done.

4 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. Poops says:

    Hockey fans want an apology? It’s a source of entertainment, not a basic human need. Grow up.

  2. Pretty sure an apology to fans who are bitter in written statement won’t do much.. If people choose to not buy into the league again then so be it..

    I get the point of people being sour about the Millionaire vs Billionaire thing, but in reality ,the Jets up and running is good for the economy of Winnipeg and with the new terms in the CBA True North can now spend more money on players, upgrades to facilities etc will allow them to have a better chance to compete in the playoffs.

  3. What do you guys want/expect from the NHL/owners?

    I for one am just so happy it is back, I wish there wouldn’t have been a delay but I certainly don’t expect discounts (other than the season ticket holder one that we always get) or anything else.

    I wasn’t expecting anything, and I’m not boycotting the team, any games, and will buy merchandise. Labour disruptions happen but I love the game so much that I wouldn’t leave now. Watching other levels of hockey makes me appreciate the whole package and entertainment of an NHL game.

  4. James Falk says:

    Ice Caps play home games this weekend end, finishing on January 12th. They don’t play again until January 18th when they play in Norfolk. Seems like the stars are aligning for the Jets training camp!

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