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Jets & Affiliate news:

Winnipeg Sun:  The year in review, Jets editionKen Wiebe shares his top 10 Winnipeg Jets memories from the past year.  We discussed this on yesterday’s Illegal Curve Hockey Show and I said my best memory was hearing the 15,004 fans in the MTS Centre chanting “GST, GST”, as the name pushed by IC, was embraced by fansWhat were your top memories from 2012?
GST Line

NBC Sports:  Canadians largely holding on to NHL season ticketsCongrats Winnipeg.  We hold the distinction of not having 1 season ticket cancelled because of the lockout.  Cannot say I am surprised by this news.

TSN:  Chiarot nets OT winner as Icecaps complete five goal rallyWe spoke to Telegram sports editors Robin Short yesterday on the Illegal Curve Hockey Show on TSN Radio 1290 and asked him about the missing offence.  It sure showed up last night as St. John’s scored 5 straight to win in OT.

CBA news:

Globe and Mail:  NHL and players’ union need more information before collective bargaining can resumeWorking out the little kinks is going to take quite a bit of time still.

CBC:  Don Cherry thinks NHL may be playing into NHLPA’s handsThey have likely blinked but at this point who cares.  The NHL is still getting a great deal, even if it meant some concessions to the NHLPA.

Edmonton Journal:  New offer means nothing in the face of Fehr’s delay tacticsAdler does not seem very fond of Fehr and his tactics.

Globe and Mail:  Fehr must decide if Bettman’s drop-dead date is a bluffJust what fans want to see, Fehr pushing this deal closer and closer to the brink so he can wring a bit more out of the NHL.

World Juniors:

National Post:  Goaltenders steal show in Canada’s win over US.  Big win for Team Canada over rival Team USA.  Goalie Malcom Subban played his best game in the win while Jets prospect Jacob Trouba scored another goalAnd he also didn’t take it easy on fellow Jets draft pick Mark Scheifele.

Edmonton Journal:  Canadians make no apologies for styleNor should they have to.  They play hard and without trying to sound like a Team Canada apologist, they continue to play with the standard Canadian physical presence.

Globe and Mail:  The switch to European officiating haunts Team Canada againWhile there are complaints about the reffing, the reality is you have to adjust to the level of officiating.

Toronto Star:  Canada vs. US packed with storylinesFor Jets fans the biggest plot will 2012 pick Jacob Trouba hit 2011 pick Mark Scheifele?

5 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. James Falk says:

    2 Illegal Curve headlines about Trouba & Scheifle, then no story inside even mentioning each player? Instead of pretending a story exists inside the Toronto Star or National Post articles, how about writing one?

  2. James Falk says:

    And if you’re gonna link to a story about the Ice Caps, why link to a TSN page with a handfull of paragraphs that takes all of 5 seconds to read. Perhaps this is a better idea!

  3. David Minuk says:

    It wasn’t a function to mislead with headlines. If you read the headlines they don’t indicate anything to do with Scheifiele or Trouba. I’m simply adding information that would be of interest to Jets fans.

  4. David Minuk says:

    Fair enough. Good link.

  5. James Falk says:

    No problem…you guys do a good job, here! I was just confused as I expected the story inside to match the headline

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