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Breaking News:  Jets announce cancellation of all games through January 14, 2013.  Affects 5 home games (Tampa, Minnesota, Florida, New Jersey, New York I).

Jets & Affiliate news:

TSN:  Mark Scheifele 1-on-1 (video).  The Jets first pick in 2011 talks about playing with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and the chemistry they’re building.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Kane’s days are numbered in ‘PegGary clearly spells out why he believes Kane’s time in Winnipeg is finiteSome very interesting revelations in this article.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Yin and Yang of Evander KaneDetailing his on and off ice activitiesAnd before this becomes “is Winnipeg really that much of a fishbowl”, remember that there are numerous other players who live in this city, party and do not draw attention to themselves.

Winnipeg Sun:  Winger without a cluePaul also doesn’t hold back in what he views as a major misstep by the young Jets winger.

Sportsnet:  Another scorn for the leagueSpector begins with a focus on the Kane tweet and then moves on to various other PR mistakes the players have made during the lockout.

Winnipeg Sun:  KHL was too slow for KaneWhile many expected Kane to dominate in the KHL his numbers were quite disappointing, something he attributes to the difference in game play between the NHL and KHL.

Winnipeg Sun: Kane cash photo stirs emotions (video). In case you missed any of yesterday’s excitement, the Jets young gun tweeted a picture of himself in Vegas (from November) and it had an immediate impact on the world of twitter (how can you tell the NHL is locked out?)Not surprisingly locals were none too pleased when interviewed about the photo. Now they likely didn’t have the context of his comments to both the Sun and Free Press, but nevertheless, fans let their feelings be heard.
Kane regarding his tweet

Winnipeg Jets official site:  Dedication to the community (video).  Mick E Moose and the Winnipeg Jets promo team give back to the local community.

TSN:  Schenn scores winner as Phantoms down IceCapsAfter losing 5 straight to start December the Caps had briefly turned things around with a 2 game winning streak.  That came to a halt with a loss to Adirondack last night.

The Coloradoan:  Ulanski powers Eagles to win over CondorsDespite only having 5 forwards and 8 defencemen, the Eagles pulled off another victory with a depleted roster.

Northern Colorado 5:  Eagles add Steve HaddonAfter losing the 2 top scorers in the ECHL, Colorado went back to the well to add a known quantity in Haddon.

CBA news:

Globe and Mail:  Fehr responds to Daly’s comments, waiting on NHL to resume talksLove the suggestion that they go back to the group of owners and players that were negotiating in New York but add in Bettman and Fehr.

CBC:  Daly tells HNIC Radio there will be a seasonShould fans take this to the bank as proof positive that the 2013 season will eventually get underway?  While it is a positive sign no point in getting your hopes up too soon.

ESPN: Union wants to restart talks with NHLOf course with the expectation that the players are going to lose out in the current negotiation, the union is doing whatever it can to save face.  This means continuing to play this game of cat and mouse.

Globe and Mail:  Canadian appetite for NHL likely to endureAre we really surprised that the desire to watch live NHL hockey in this country remains strong despite the lockoutThe big test for the NHL will be in the markets that were struggling before the lockout began.

World Juniors:

Montreal Gazette:  Galchenyuk on a roll heading into tournamentThe Montreal Canadiens prospect has been tearing up the OHL of late and will be a big addition to Team USA in this year’s tournament.

National Post:  Everything you need to know about Canada’s teamA breakdown of the entire Canadian team.

TSN:  Eberle tops TSNs list of Top 40 Canadian WJHC playersWhenever you find yourself ahead of the Great One on a Top list of players, you know you’ve accomplished something special.

2 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers”

  1. Jay Steyer says:

    I don’t get the Kane backlash. Did anyone ever think that maybe Kane WON the money he was holding up? If I had won that much, I sure as hell would be taking a picture. All these people that are outraged by this photo need to get a grip. The kid is 21 years old. If taking a picture with a bunch of cash is the worst thing he’s done, then he’s not doing too bad. God knows at 21, I WISH that was the worst anyone could say I had done. I live in Georgia, so I haven’t read a lot of Gary Lawless’ articles, but if this guy thinks the Jets are going to trade a 21 year old 30 goal scorer, he’s out of his friggin mind. Who exactly are the Jets going to replace Kane with? For the Jets to get someone of Kane’s ability they would have to pay through the nose. Winnipeg isn’t exactly at the top of most free agents lists. Winnipeg is the type of place that will get the over the hill veteran free agent(such as Jokinen) who will sign a one, maybe two year deal on the cheap looking for a rebound season or a second chance, or they will get a decent free agent but will have to overpay(like the Thrashers did with Hainsey and Antropov), which the Jets ownership up to this point doesn’t seem keen on doing. Kane is going to be in Winnipeg as long as he wants to be. I sometimes wonder if the Winnipeg fans and media are their own worst enemy. I was a Thrashers season ticket holder and not once did we ever hear of Kane being a problem with management or around town. The Canadian fans/media seem to have a TMZish thirst for news on their hockey players in places like Toronto, Montreal, and Winnipeg. From the outside looking in, it seems like the fans/media are wanting to dislike Kane for things that, from what I understand, are false, or in the case of this picture, overblown. For fans in Winnipeg, you’re getting hockey back if not this season, then next. Enjoy watching a kid as talented as Evander Kane. Enjoy watching him mature into a superstar that you can call your own. As a now former Thrashers fan, I wish I could do the same.

  2. David Minuk says:

    Some good points Jay. This would likely have been a non-story if NHL hockey was being played but with fans starved for hockey, attention fastens onto anything hockey related. Perhaps it gets magnified more than it should but once Kane is back on the ice, fans will quickly forget this incident.

    And of course not all fans reacted negatively to the picture. Usually the most vocal are the ones who will speak out but that doesn’t indicate that they represent the majority.

    Thanks for the comment and we hope you continue to follow your former Thrashers on

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