Statement from Winnipeg Jets Governor Mark Chipman

Posted by David Minuk in Winnipeg Jets on December 6, 2012 — No Comments

Mark Chipman, Chairman and Governor of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club, today issued the
following statement:

“I’d like to thank the NHL for giving me the opportunity to participate in this very important

I came here optimistic that we could find a solution. That sense of optimism grew after our first few sessions, including the small group discussions late last night.

Regrettably, we have been unable to close the divide on some critical issues that we feel are
essential to the immediate and long-term health of our game.

While I sense there are some members of the players association that understand our
perspective on these issues, clearly there are many that don’t.

I am deeply disappointed that we were unable to bring this extremely unfortunate situation
to a successful conclusion and I wish to apologize to our fans and sponsors for letting them

If you’d like to read the statements from the other owners  Burkle (Pittsburgh), Vinik (Tampa Bay) and Tanenbaum (Toronto) who were present during the meetings, the league has those posted.  Click here.