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Note: Tune into the Illegal Curve Hockey Show today from noon to 3 pm as the guys have 3 hours of hockey talk on TSN Radio 1290. We will have a special segment about Movember, which as fans know is coming up soon. Guests: Jen Botterill (3 time Olympic Gold medalist). Jeff Palson (Movember Manitoba).  Craig Custance (ESPN).

Jets & Affiliate news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  3 more Jets games lost as NHL cancels games through Nov. 1In what was seen as inevitable, the league has cancelled games until November 1st costing Jets fans 2 more home games (Panthers on 25th & Red Wings on 27th) as well as one away game in Tampa Bay (1st).

TSN:  IceCaps take out Phantoms in home openerLast night’s home opener was the 47th consecutive sellout at Mile One Centre and the Caps rewarded their fans with a big victory.  Impressive 50/50 total of $19,215.00 which makes us sadly aware of the lack of the IC 50/50 contest we hold every Jets home game.

Reporter Herald:  Colorado Eagles still fishing for second winUsually when a team has the lead going into the 3rd period of a game, it bodes well, but not so for Colorado so far this season.

CBA news:

USA Today:  NHL offer essentially was ‘take it or leave it’From the sounds of his level of tardiness for the meeting and lack of preparation, it doesn’t appear that Fehr was too interested in the deal from the outset.

Winnipeg Free Press:  The ‘whole’ truthThere is no question that players who have signed a contract are entitled to receive the FULL value of those contracts.  As they say, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime and if owners are wanting to reduce salaries, do it, but you certainly need to pay off those contracts.  Players signed these contracts in good faith and owners need to honour them.

TSN:   Fehr outlines CBA offers in memo to playersIf there is one thing that Fehr has done is ensured that communication has been excellent between himself and the players.  In his latest communique he outlines the issues between the parties.

Toronto Star:  Players pay now for NHLPA coupThis is the bed the players have made for themselves and now they have to lie in it.

USA Today:  NHL players’ escrow settled; they’ll get 7.98% backPlayers will receive $79,800 for each $1 million of salary they earned in 2011-12.

Globe and Mail:  Fehr singularly dedicated to his employersHe doesn’t work for the fans or the owners, he works for his players and has gone above and beyond to get them on board with the plan put forth by the Players Association.

TSN:  NHL and NHLPA believe there’s a deal to be madeI’m having deja-vu of the Winnipeg Jets return when I hear Darren Dreger saying “deal to be made”.

NHL news:

Edmonton Journal:  Oilers prospect Schultz lives up to the hype — almostHis offensive skills will be a great addition to the potentially high scoring Edmonton attack.

Arizona News:  Scruggs makes a case for letting Coyotes goInteresting way of looking at the situation.

Sportsnet:  Luongo will be traded to Leafs says John Shannon.   A bold statement.  Will be interesting to see if it comes true.  About time the Leafs did something to get people talking.

CFL news:

Illegal Procedure: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Papers. If you are a fan of CFL football, check out our other site, which gives you all the latest Bombers news.  Huge win by Winnipeg last night and Winnipeg Sun media editor scored big in the Wendy’s Kick for a Million contest.