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Note: is pleased to announce that Sean MacDonald, an Instructor in Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining at the Asper School of Business within the University of Manitoba will be providing fans with his insight during the lockout and beyond.  His first column entitled ‘A Primer to the Tricks, Traps and Machinations of the 2012-13 NHL Hog Ride‘ is an excellent read and begins his 3 part series by looking at NHL bargaining tactics.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Katz calls NHL deadlock ‘sad and unfortunate’.  Not surprisingly the Mayor, who owns the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball club, appears to side with the owners on this impasse.

Winnipeg Free Press:  His heart will go on ‘If I can help others… it’s all worth it’.  That is the sentiment expressed by former Winnipeg Jet Brett MacLean who at 23 years of age is being forced to give up on his hockey dreams after a frighting, life threatening incident on the ice.

Winnipeg Free Press:  We made some NOISEThat experience last season was one of the most unique in sport.  It isn’t every day that a city gets its team back and it truly put a unique spin on things last seasonMost Manitobans and even the players themselves cannot wait to see what things will be like during the sophomore season back in the NHL.

Globe and Mail:  Pro hockey’s success a feather in the IceCapWhile the return of NHL hockey has been put on hold in Winnipeg, over in St. John’s they continue to embrace the return of AHL to their community.  It has been a resounding success and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are reveling in all aspects of hockey life.

Yahoo:  Campaign Preview – Winnipeg JetsWhile the NHL season might be on hold, the guys over at Puck Daddy are continuing their team-by-team analysis and today it is the Jets turn.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets trailblazers at News Café ThursdayFor all the love that the Jets 2.0 receive in this city, nobody will forget the trailblazers from the Jets 1.0 who paved the way for this town to become the NHL city it has developed into.

Hockey’s Futures:  Scheifele, Rundblad slide into unfamiliar territory in the Fall rankingBad news Jets fans, the number one pick for the Jets in 2011 has slid down the line in the Top 50 prospect rankingsQuite the fall from grace.  Fair or foul? New career in politics for former Jet SteenWith all the turmoil in city council, Steen might be rising on up to the Hawerchuk role in this city.

CBA news:

Alberta Labour Relations Board:  NHL players application denied.  In the decision it states “The vacillating positions of the NHL and the NHLPA in this dispute underscore that the question of which jurisdiction’s labour laws apply to this relationship is anything but “simple”.  In our opinion, that issue, which has been left ambiguous by the parties for almost 50 years, is not best answered in the heat of a strike or lockout. We have determined that for the purposes of this application, we do not have to resolve the jurisdictional question because, even if the Board has jurisdiction to declare the lockout unlawful, it should not exercise its discretion to do so in these circumstances.

Winnipeg Free Press:  We could be in for a long couple of sessions.  The pessimism is abounding.  From Bob McKenzie of TSN to the fan on the street, the sentiment is that this lockout will be a long one.

Philadelphia Inquirer:  Snider saves rinks; can he help save NHL season?  Snider is one of Bettman’s top owners and has a high level of influence with the commish.

Globe and Mail:  NHL ownership stance appears off-balanceIt appears off-balance because that is exactly what it is.  They are trying to having players solve problems that they themselves could fix if they stopped allowing ego to get in the way.  Move a franchise that has shown an inability to generate a profit to an area that would instead begin to create revenue, and wow, an easy solution to some of the issues confronting owners.

Edmonton Sun:  ALRB ruling due on NHLPA applicationThe board is expected to make their ruling today.  Will impact the Flames and Oilers.

Toronto Star:  NHLPA head meets with Star editorial boardFehr offering to conduct negotiations on television if the NHL would agree.  Not sure if Bettman & company would do so, but you can bet that TSN/CBC/Sportsnet would salivate to get an inside peak at the inner workings of these meetingsSimilar to the way CNN covers politics, could you imagine the panels that would be assembled to gives fans in-depth analysis of every turn of phrase.

NHL news:

Kansas City Star:  KC college hockey tournament trying to break ice with fansThey have a beautiful building in the Sprint Center but will the crowds show up?

CBC:  Sheldon Kennedy wants Canada to adopt hardline approachEducation is important but Kennedy is right that the Justice system in this country could use some more teeth.

Toronto Star:  Markham taxpayers should be heard in public-private arena dealWhen you build a project of this size and are using public money, you absolutely need to give the community an opportunity to voice their opinion on the deal.

TSN:  Red Wings’ PA announcer Lynch dies at age 95A legend in Michigan passed away on Tuesday.

CFL news:

Illegal Procedure:  Winnipeg Blue Bombers PapersIf you are a fan of CFL football, check out our other site, which gives you all the latest Bombers news.  Are the Blue thinking playoffs?  Sure are.

Illegal Procedure: Season on the Brink – Poise.  As Kramer on Seinfeld once said “if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times poise counts” and in Monday’s game against the Alouettes, Joey Elliott showed a lot of poise.

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    I like the preview by yahoo sports and the only thing good about this lockout is the developement of the young players like Burmistrov (who shouldve been in the AHL for the first 2 years if the Thrashers new how to run an organization). Lets get this deal done and play some hockey….it’s so f*cken stupid!