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Note: Be sure to check out the CIRV stat which was produced by our very own Ezra Ginsburg. The CIRV or “Comeback Impact Ratio Value” is specifically what percentage of a player’s points occur when his team was behind.

Jets news:

The Telegram:  Cuts made as ‘Caps camp closesThere are still cuts to be made to get the roster down in size but with St. John’s carrying a number of injured players, these are not expected to be made right away.

CBA news:

Detroit Free Press:  Bad news for Winter Classic?  NHL brass not visiting Ann ArborNot a good sign that the NHL has no further trips to Michigan planned.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  Playing overseas no sure option for Penguins’ CrosbyNot sure many Euro teams are going to see the value in insuring a player like Crosby for that type of money.  Regardless of his star power, that can only justify so much in expense.

Globe and Mail:  Puck might not be in play during NHL labour talks, but egos areOnce again, Roy pens our ‘must read’ article of the day. Many owners, especially those in Canada, have become household names.

New York Daily News:  NHL and NHLPA continue to disappoint, do not plan to address core economic issuesFans will be disappointed with the pace, or lack thereof, of negotiations between the two sides.  We will be unveiling the first part of a three part column today on entitled ‘A Primer to the Tricks, Traps and Machinations of the 2012-13 NHL Hog Ride’ by Sean MacDonald who is an instructor in the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba in Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining.  Stay tuned.

Edmonton Journal:  A virtual reality fix is better than no hockey at allFans in Canada are so desperate for hockey they are now simulating game play in Edmonton and reporting on it.

NHL news:

CBC:  Goalie Dominik Hasek gives up hope for NHL returnThe play which always stood out to me was during the 92′ Cup Finals when he played for the Hawks against the Mario Lemieux led Penguins.  It was when Lemieux set up Kevin Stevens for a break-a-way but Hasek came barreling out of the net and slid along the ice almost to the blue line to block the puck.

Buffalo News:  Sabres express interest in hosting Prospects Game, againFrom the sounds of things the event went off quite successfully (although not free of controversy) so it makes sense for the Sabres to offer to host it.

Phoenix Business Journal:  NHL, Glendale looking to kick Coyotes can forward another 30 daysEither he has the money or he doesn’t.  It sure seems like this is just another ploy to keep the Yotes on life support.

CFL news:

Illegal Procedure: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Papers. If you are a fan of CFL football, check out our other site, which gives you all the latest Bombers newsHuge Thanksgiving Day victory in Montreal yesterday.  The Blue are showing a bit of a pulse as the season winds down.