7/14 Illegal Curve Hockey Show Part 2

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Illegal Curve Hockey Show – July 14, 2012 – Part 1

0:00 – CBA discussion – Owners make proposal to NHLPA

8:56 – CBA discussion continued

20:13 – Interview with Adam Proteau of The Hockey News

37:05 – Rapid Fire, Cheers & Jeers

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2 responses to “7/14 Illegal Curve Hockey Show Part 2”

  1. GFL9966 says:

    The GRR (Gregory Rebuttal Response)

    There are some good parts to the CBA proposal that the NHL
    did put on the table.  Like that you have
    to play 10 years in order to get UFA status which will make Owners very crafty
    and the return of the controversial offer sheet with is still available for people
    that have finished there contact and don’t have the rights for being a
    UFA.  Plus 5 year entry level contact is
    very good move because it will prevent a person like Justin Schultz from bolting from their contracts of their drafted
    teams. In my point of view I feel that Anaheim Ducks should have gotten compensation
    from the NHL in forms of a 2nd round draft pick for next year’s


    IMO Wellwood should fire his agent because Nick Foligno
    which has almost or the same numbers from last season got north of $3 million
    dollars from Columbus.

  2. Thanks for the comments Greg. Some good points.

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