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Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets to host draft party in June.  You can hang out with Zach Bogosian and Mark Stuart and watch as the Jets draft their next important set of prospects.

CBC:  4 ways the Jets have changed Winnipeg.  Have to agree that the Jets have brought a lot of change to our city.

Winnipeg Free Press:  ‘W’ word no longer irks BettmanLet us hope that Manitoba didn’t see the NHL return just to have the league head to a lockout the next season.

Winnipeg Free Press:  The hockey story of the season It is difficult to believe that we are already done with Year 1 of the Return of the Jets.  What has the Jets return meant to you?

Winnipeg Free Press:  Where were you one year ago todayToday will be a day that Manitobans will remember forever, forever, forever.  You may forget your anniversary but Jets fans will never forget the day it was announced that the NHL was returning homeWhile I had a lot of great memories from that day, one which standouts was bumping into my buddy Richard Tapper and his cousin Gerald Olin at the Forks and remembering the huge grins plastered across their faces.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets part ways with picksYou cannot sign everyone and the Jets obviously felt that they had these spots adequately covered.

Winnipeg Free Press:  How True North put Jets brand on WinnipegAs if there was any doubt (well yes there was a lot of doubt) but in hindsight, this team only had one potential name and True North made the right decision in choosing the Jets.

Winnipeg Free Press:  The Jets return TimelineOnly date missing is November 27, 2010, when Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly conducted an exclusive interview with The Illegal Curve Hockey Show on Sports Radio 1290 (now TSN Radio 1290) in Winnipeg and officially brought the Atlanta Thrashers into the conversation.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets deal wasn’t done till the airport says DalyThe speculation had been ongoing for quite some time and ramped up when it was unofficially announced by Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail on May 19th.  But as Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly says, the official word didn’t come down until they were on their way to the Peg’.

Winnipeg Sun:  Bettman praises Jets’ owners for perseveranceTo hear Gary Bettman get cheered at the Home Opener was simply wild.  Who would have envisioned that the guys widely blamed for the demise of the Jets 1.0 was returning to a Hero’s welcome in WinnipegBut then again, that day these fans would have cheered just about anyone.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets’ return the best news Winnipeg has ever seenThe positivity that we saw last summer was something I had never experienced from the city collectively.  When you would pass someone in the street wearing new Jets 2.0 gear, people often stopped to chat or to just nod and acknowledge each other.  It was quite unusual but an experience that many Peggers will always remember.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets fans the best — after Ottawa: MelnykThe Sens owner gives Jets fans their due.

Winnipeg Sun:  Now that the Jets are back … who’s nextThe consensus appears to be Quebec City will be next to get NHL to return.

Winnipeg Sun:  A day to remember foreverJust as dark a day as when it was announced that the Jets 1.0 couldn’t be saved and would be leaving Manitoba, the return of the Jets 2.0 led to a positivity and enthusiasm that hasn’t slowed down since that day back on May 31st, 2011.

Winnipeg Sun:  One Wild rivalryWhile we don’t have a traditional rivalry with our friends about 8 hours Southeast of Winnipeg, I suggested at the beginning of last season, that Minnesota could become one of the Jets best rivalsThe December 13th game was one of the best as the Jets knocked off the 1st place and streaking Wild which was the start of their downward spiral which saw them finish 12th in the West.

Winnipeg Sun:  Ladd was 1st Jet here — and he’s in no rush to leaveThe importance of his positive first impression shouldn’t be understated.  He flew into Winnipeg, at his own expense, to check out the city and left telling his teammates and the rest of the hockey world that Winnipeg was one great city.

Winnipeg Sun:  Smallest building, biggest wallets – Fans help Jets profitOne thing Winnipeggers love being told is that we cannot accomplish something.  One positive that could be taken from the Jets 1.0 leaving was the fact that Winnipeg has a complete fear of failure and strives to ensure that any challenge we take on is done to the best of our abilities.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets fans savoured historic momentThe feeling you had as you went to the Forks or the honking of horns as the announcement was made is one words simply fail to recreate.

Winnipeg Sun:  May 31 changed Wheeler’s lifeThe land of 10,000 Lakes has provided us with a number of our Winnipeg Jets, but none has captured the hearts and minds of the city like Blake Wheeler.  Whether he was scoring a goal in impressive fashion or signing autographs to help out a local animal shelter, he has embraced the city and likewise, the city has embraced him.

Jets official site:  And the winner is.  Ondrej Pavelec’s diving save on February 21, 2012 against the Philadelphia Flyers has been declared the winner of the first-ever Winnipeg Jets Plays of the Year Showdown.  That same save is leading the TSN Play of the Year in the Semi-Finals against the Sabres Tyler Ennis with about a day left.  

Stanley Cup news:

L.A. Times:  Kings defeat Devils in overtime 2-1As expected, this was a close game.  The Kings continue to be warriors away from the Staples Center and they remain undefeated on the road in the playoffs.

Star-Ledger:  Devils face much tougher road after losing Game 1 to KingsNever easy when you lose the first game, especially one being played in your barn.

General NHL news:

Globe and Mail:  What’s next for LidstromConsider me as someone who thought the 40 year old might play one more season.  Thought he might enjoy playing in the Winter Classic at the Big House in Ann Arbour in front of 110,000 screaming fansHaving had the opportunity to interview Lidstrom, he comes across as totally unassuming and easy to talk with.  Hybrid icing among topics discussed at GM meetingHybrid icing is interesting but the word of the day that was heard from many General Managers was ‘radical’ as they talked of a traveling penalty.