6 responses to “Winnipeg Jets post practice audio”

  1. I’m not sure who you were talking to, but if definitely wasn’t Pav.

  2. Sounds like Tanner Glass on the “Pav” interview.

  3. Oh no wait, defence. Stuart.

  4. ICdave says:

    You are right Kiersten.  As Melissa points out, it was Mark Stuart.   I have now properly labeled it as Stuart and have also uploaded the Pavelec audio.

  5. I distinctly heard Ezra in the background ordering some Foody Goody over the phone

  6. Ashley says:

    Pavs must have been waiting for Voracek. I’m glad he can look forward to the next game and let this game fall behind him. He was amazing last night. Just as one of the radio guys said last night “The Flyers might have won the game, but the Jets didn’t lose”

    Can’t wait to see the Jets fight back tomorrow night!

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