Winnipeg Jets post-game audio

Posted by David Minuk in Interviews,Postgame Soundbytes,Scrums,Winnipeg Jets on December 13, 2011 — No Comments

Zach BogosianGetting first goal.  Play of Pavelec.  Ending streak.  Thought on hit.

Ondrej PavelecThoughts on win.  How team got it done.  Team is learning how to win close games.  Breakway save, knowing players on other team.  Confidence boost.  Fans help.  Difference in game vs. Saturday’s game. 

Bryan LittleThoughts on game.  Was his goal a Buff pass or shot.  Jets confidence at home.  Play in 3rd period.  Missed opportunities.  Talk about his line.  What this game proves.  Team character.  Another GWG.