GST Line – Taxing on the opposition

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At the Jets/Penguins game, IC’s Ezra Ginsburg had this thought and tweeted it to the twitterverse.

Almost immediately, and completely in synch, both Ez and Jay Richardson, co-host of Jay and Westwood weekday mornings on TSN Radio 1290 wrote that the name should be the GST line.  (Glass, Slater and Thorburn).

Now, it is one thing for a couple of guys to say they are going to come up with a name for an NHL line, but for this to cut the mustard, we would need the approval of the players themselves.

Today, following practice and before the team departed to Toronto to play the Leafs, I had a chance to catch up with Glass, Slater and Thorburn and got their thoughts on the new line name.

Here is what they had to say:

Tanner Glass:

“Yeah sure, if that’s what you want to call it, I don’t see how you can give more than 100%, but if you want to say 105 I guess, that’s your call.”

Jim Slater:

“Ya that works, I was just telling Hnides (Shane Hnidy), we had a name for our line last year, it was called the “Greek God Line” with me, Thorburn and (former Thrasher Eric) Boulton. I think it works on both sides, with the Glass Slater Thorburn, I like it.”

Chris Thorburn:

“That’s pretty creative, that’s pretty cool, we’re just out there going hard all the time, we try not to take any shifts off, Glasser had a nice goal yesterday, our line seems to be contributing for us as of late, if we can keep that up we’ll give our team a chance to win.”

“Dude, I honestly love that GST line, it goes good with Canada and the whole tax thing, that’s fun, good imagination.”

So there you have it.  The GST Line.  As I suggested to the players today, they are “taxing on the opposition” although I liked what Jay Richardson tweeted to Ezzy last night as well.

I can already hear Beyak with the call… “Scores!!! And the GST line makes them pay!”

Of course even if the players adopted the nick name the media would also need to be on board.  So following practice I spoke with a number of the print and TV guys and let them know that this would be the moniker that we had hung on this line.

Less than a week later Dennis Beyak during the TSN broadcast of the Jets and Leafs games began using the GST line:

GST Line

So what do you think?  Are you happy with GST?  Does the nickname’s shelf life terminate if the GST gets eliminated?  Let us know.

10 responses to “GST Line – Taxing on the opposition”

  1. Great name boys! Love it!! Couple other ones:

    1. When Pavelec has a game like that he needs to be referred to as “ONDREJ THE GIANT”  
    2. Two of our best last night were #19 and #4.  We need a Saved by the Bell “ZACK & SLATER” poster celebrating them.

    Go Jets Go!

  2. M Remis says:

    1. Love it
    2. Anything that has to do w/Saved by the Bell is fine w/me.

  3. Jay Hallam says:

    if your not in marketing, you should be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great name for the line. Love it.

  5. ICdave says:

    Dale it was all created in the beautiful mind of Ezzy Ginsburg and Jay Richardson (but I don’t know if Jay has a beautiful mind).

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Kris Mueller says:

    I dig it! Looking forward to hearing it on the TV for the away games!

  8. ICdave says:

    Apparently Dennis Beyak used the GST line during the Jets/Leafs game.

  9. Anonymous says:

    great  name   i heard that ezra ginsburg was a genius and now there’s proof

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