Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers (Saturday, Oct 1st)

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Note:  Be sure to tune into the Illegal Curve radio show from 12 pm cst to 3 pm cst.  Today’s guests include Hockey Night in Canada’s Elliote Friedman.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Looks like Scheifele will be a keeper.  The 1290 airwaves were filled with Jets fans calling in to express their opinion that the Jets need to keep the 1st round pick in the NHL this season.

Winnipeg Free Press:  An opening-night to-do list.  The list is long but fortunately for the brass they have over a week to get everything in order.

Winnipeg Sun:  What more can Scheifele do?  The biggest debate going to Tuesday (day team needs to sign him to a contract) is about the status of the Jets 1st round pick.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets have tough calls ahead.  Jets have to make 9 cuts by early next week.  Who would you eliminate?

Calgary Herald:  Sold out!  The best sports bars in the ‘Peg.  If you weren’t one of the lucky 13,000 with a season ticket, here are the best places to catch the action.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets impressed with Shanahan decisions.  Hopefully the harsh penalties will result in smarter play this regular season.

Winnipeg Free Press:  It’s great to have the Jets back, but they missed the net on logo.  I knew we were a hockey mad city, but how the Jets logo made itself become a topic of discussion in the Faith section is a new one.

Winnipeg Sun:  Thorburn feeling the pressure.  We thought he was one of the best Jets players on the ice last night, hence the reason we selected him (Illegal Curve made the official 3 star selections last night) as one of the game’s 3 stars.

IceCaps News:

The Telegram:  Making room for Muzz.  Will this longtime AHL vet be able to catch on with the team?

Eagles News:

Coloradoan:  Colorado Eagles open camp, prepare for ECHL.  The Jets ECHL affiliate prepares to start the season.

  • All these logo freaks need to understand one thing.  The green peace symbol surrounded by weed and smoke haze logo was rejected.  Also, the pink My Little Pony with rainbow hair and sparkles would have cost too much to license.  Or, maybe, just maybe, we need to stop giving the wingnut brigade more time in the sun… they’ve already had their 15 minutes of fame with this.

  • To be fair, holding an ethical and/or faith-based opposition to militarism and the use of military imagery doesn’t make someone a “wingnut,” and the people who have led the discussion on this so far include some very accomplished and thoughtful commentators. (Also, I doubt Mennonite Church of Canada members, who are quoted in this article, wanted a “green peace symbol surrounded by weed and smoke haze.”)

    The logo is here to stay, so it’s sort of a moot point, but there’s nothing wrong with continuing to have an intelligent discussion about the implications of military imagery. If it’s a dialogue you don’t want to engage, then don’t, but dismissing those who do want to engage it as “wingnuts” and “logo freaks” is pretty far off-base. I don’t agree with some of the points raised, but I can still respect the fact that people are having the discussion.