Post-Game Soundbites: Nashville Predators Colin Wilson

Posted by David Minuk in Postgame Soundbytes on October 1, 2011 — No Comments

We caught up with the Winnipeg native and Predators forward following the Jets/Preds game to get his thoughts on the game, the return of the NHL to the Peg’ and what it means to play against the returned Jets.

IC:  Talking with a Winnipeg guy, how does it feel to get back to the province of Manitoba and play against the Jets?

Colin Wilson:  It was very exciting.  That was my team growing up until they left and it was very exciting to play them.

IC:  Your dad was born in Winnipeg and played 10 years in the NHL, was he in attendance tonight?

Colin Wilson:  Yup, him and about 15 other people in my family.

IC:  How many phone calls do you expect to get everytime the Predators play in Winnipeg (in years coming)?

Colin Wilson:  I expect to get quite a few.  There are a lot of people who will want to hang out and get tickets.  A lot of friends and family.

IC:  What did you think of the atmosphere at the MTS Centre?

Colin Wilson:  Amazing.  There are a few barns like that in hockey, that can get that excited for a pre-season game.  Obviously with all the hype it is very exciting for the fans.

IC:  How do you feel about your game tonight?

Colin Wilson:  I had some good puck possession but it wasn’t the game I wish I had played.  I was a bit hesitant out there, could have been better.  I’m not particularly happy with it.

IC:  What do you expect from your team moving forward?

Colin Wilson:  We’ve got a young, fast team and tonight didn’t show off our talent’s too well, as we are a very hard working team and tonight we weren’t going that well.

IC:  The Predators were one of the most dominant teams in the pre-season, do you think you guys can challenge to be one of the top teams in the Western Conference?

Colin Wilson:  I believe we can.  We have great goaltending, great defence and we have a lot of forwards who are going to surprise other teams.  I think we definitely can.

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