Winnipeg Jets goalie Peter Mannino Interview (including Mask symbolism)

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Following the Jets practice today at the MTS IcePlex we had a chance to catch up with Jets goalie Peter Mannino who talked about moving to Canada, winning the 2005 NCAA Championship for the University of Denver and the symbolism behind his goalie mask.

Here are some closeups of his mask and Peter’s reasons for putting the images on the masks that he did:

Front of mask:  “I really like a white background, I think it kind of pops the paint job.”

Right side: “I put the new Jets logo on the side as it is pretty sweet so I wanted to get that going so the fans could enjoy that!”

Left side:  “There is a little guy that I incorporate on all my helmets.  Its an old logo from back in school and I always incorporate him on something new.  So this year he’s in a bomber jet with an old leather helmet on”.

Back of helmet:  “Importantly, on the back I’ve got a lot of symbolic stuff.  My family went through a lot of tough stuff this summer, a couple of cousins battling diseases, its a reminder of who you play for and your thankful every day”.

Mannino talks more in-depth about his helmet, the transition to Canada and playing and winning the 2005 NCAA Championship.

Listen to all the audio of our interview with Jets goalie Peter Mannino:

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