Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News

Posted by David Minuk in Afternoon Delight,Daily Papers,Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News on September 21, 2011 — 4 Comments

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets buzzing after opening nightAs high as the fans got after yesterday’s game, it is always nice to hear that the players are experiencing similar emotions, the day after one of the significant games that won’t ever factor into the NHL standings.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Blue Rodeo to play at Jets social.  I like the name of the party but it’s a shame they have to do it indoors.

CBC:  Go Jets Go.  Some sounds from the game and talk with the fans.

the Score:  Times they are a changin’.  It appears that the NHL has set a December 2011 deadline to have the realignment process completed by.  What do readers think would be best?  Geographic rivals?  Time zone divisions? IceCaps jerseys to be revealed tomorrow.  It looks like our friends on the East coast will finally get to enjoy the revealing of their team’s new jersey.

  • Time zone divisions make the most sense for the league and for TV broadcasts. I really like the idea of two divisions per conference. Winnipeg vs Minnesota, Chicago and Detroit have great potential. 

    We will still play conference games against Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver, but being able to watch the majority of games at a reasonable hour would be nice. 

    The worries about old rivalries dying are silly IMO. If the heat is still there, then the rivalry is still there, if not we will build new rivalries in the playoffs.

  • So you’re thinking more of a move into the Central division for the Jets.  Who would you move East?

  • In theory the time-zone divisions work well but I can’t get past the Wild, our closest team geographically, being in a different division, and yet we’re in the same division as Dallas which is so far away.
    Also, I have very little interest in seeing Colorado or Dallas.

  • I still think that this talk of re-alignment is premature considering that a number of franchises remain in financial trouble and the possibility of re-location still looms.