Winnipeg Jets Jersey Reveal – Pictorial Summation

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Remis and I just returned from an exciting morning at 17 Wing where the Winnipeg Jets had an elaborate release of the Jets jersey.  The following are some pictures that help to sum up the much anticipated release.  (remis will be posting all the transcribed audio and 1 on 1 interviews later this afternoon).

There were 3 levels of security before we got to the air field:

Walking out of the Hanger and onto the tarmac.

The media presence was significant

More after the jump.

The True North brain trust waiting for the Jersey reveal to begin.

The show is about to begin.

The doors to the C-130 Hercules open with music blaring in the background.

And then the Jets (Ladd, Fehr, Stuart & Antropov) stepped out of the plane.

Then they went to the podium where Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff gave an in-depth analysis of the jersey.  Which colours (Polar Night Blue & Aviator blue) were chosen and then discussed the various patch’s to be worn this season, including one for Opening Night and another for remainder of the season.

Here are some up close and personal shots with your Winnipeg Jets wearing the new Winnipeg Jets jersey.

Jets captain Andrew Ladd checks out his jersey.

We had a great interview with the Jets Mark Stuart.  He seems very happy to be in Winnipeg.  If you are looking for a player’s jersey to buy, we think Stuart is a worthwhile purchase.

IC’s Michael Remis with a 1 on 1 interview with Winkler, Manitoba’s Eric Fehr.  The conversation ran from Fehr’s impression of the jersey to his thoughts of the Toronto Blue Jays stealing Brett Lawrie from the Brewers.

Remis asks Nik Antropov his thoughts on the jersey.

Stuart and Fehr seemed reluctant to hand back the jerseys to the True North staff.

The True North flag, along with the Canadian flag flying high after an incredible morning reveal.

We’ve heard what the players think of the jersey, what is your first impression?

Just a final thought.  A special thanks to all the Air Force personal who were so friendly and happy to give us lay folks information (i.e.  what type of plane the Jets players came from) during our time at 17 Wing.

4 responses to “Winnipeg Jets Jersey Reveal – Pictorial Summation”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok i love them! Sorry im late with my comment, but i think they are great. Cant wait to get my hands on one, and i sure hope they are available Oct 7th when i get to town…

  2. […] Pictorial Summation of the Day at 17 Wing.  If you want to feel like you were in attendance take a gander at some of these pictures. […]

  3. Excellent job today guys! I wish I could have been there. The jerseys look outstanding and you made Illegal Curve proud with your coverage.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love it, if you have an idea go with it all the way, and follow through. 
    They did just that at TNSE with the RCAF concept. The jersey looks great, I think it’s not boring at all, people just don’t have memories attached to it yet, so they feel it is missing something.This was a good idea, and a great looking jersey came out of it. Plus with a clean muted traditional look, it opens up for all types of more wild looking alternatives, while remaining mature, and grounded.  The jersey looks tough, clean, classic, and timeless, not a lope-sided mess like the Thrashers or other over stylized failures, like the original Coyotes eww. The worst NHL logo and jersey now clearly belongs to Minnesota who should start all over again fresh. The Jets look really sharp, clearly Canadian, and very awesome. GO JETS GO !!!

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